According to Google, the term “make extra money” is searched for at least 10,000 times per month across its various platforms. Needless to say that’s a lot of searches. Behind each and every search is an individual, someone trying to find a way to make some extra money. For a lot of those people the search will be futile simply because a lot of the advice out there is not very straightforward, or honest. But the truth is this doesn’t have to be the case. There are legitimate ways for people to make extra money and we are about to show you 7 of those ways.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging continues to be one of the quickest ways of making extra money for anyone who has a bit of extra time, or even a whole lot of time. Blogs are quick and easy because the tools needed to set them are often free. There are many free platforms out there like that provide the website upon which a blog can be built. Once you set the whole thing up you can then monetize it by using Google’s AdSense program – this is a simple snippet of code that is placed on your blog and when a visitor clicks on the ad, you are rewarded. A really good blog with say 3,000 unique visitors a month could earn you anywhere from £600 – £1,000 a month.

  1. Collect dividend stocks

Investing has always been a good way to make some extra cash. Many years ago you had to be someone connected with lots of capital to get started but these days it’s far simpler and easier to get started. One of the quickest ways to get started earning extra money through investing is by buying stocks that pay dividends. A dividend is a regular income that you can rely on; collect enough dividend paying stocks and you could see a sizeable jump in your disposable income each month. They won’t make you Sir Alan Sugar rich – at least not overnight, but they are a good way to start adding a few extra pounds to your bank account each month.

  1. Test websites

Each day millions of new websites come online. Many of these websites are untested, unproven, and need to see real-world operation to know if they’ll be any good. These website owners then turn to website testers, people who will spend an hour or two searching the site and generally doing a set of actions as requested by the website owner. The typical reward for website testing (which can involve watching videos) is around £5 – £10 an hour.

  1. Download and test apps

Apps are a big part of our mobile lives these days, and like websites, many app developers need rigorous testing done on their apps before they go live. Many developers on platforms such as Google Android and Apple’s iOS will pay a small fortune to people willing to download and test apps.

  1. Run errands for people

A lot of people are busy these days and their busyness can be your reward. Many people will pay you to walk their dog, put out their rubbish at an appointed time, or even do the time-honoured task of babysitting their children. These errands may seem like a chore after a while but they are great way to pick up some extra cash.

  1. Be a Virtual Assistant

Like running errands above, being a virtual assistant can be quite rewarding. The difference is that with virtual assistant work, you are confined to the internet – which isn’t a bad thing in the least. Your tasks as a VA, as they sometimes call them, can range from typing emails, doing online shopping, booking appointments, all the way to watching over someone’s house via a webcam.

  1. Sell old or unused stuff lying around your house

The flea market or yard sale is still alive and kicking and thanks to site likes eBay and Gumtree; you can make some extra money by shifting some of the items you have lying around your house. Income will vary of course, but in today’s throwaway society many of things you no longer use could still hold value with less fortunate people out there.

Those are 7 of the quickest ways you can make some extra money starting right now. Try one, or all of them – you’ll find that at least one method will be profitable for you.


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