Every luxury modern vehicle on the market appears to be powerful, fuel-efficient, and as enjoyable as the next; and priced in the same ballpark. It is no surprise that finding the right car keeps getting trickier. 

Anyone who has been in the market for a new car recently will attest that the wide range of choices available makes it almost impossible to make a car purchase the first time you visit the showroom unless you have fixed your mind on a particular brand and model before leaving the house.

We did some analysis on insurance prices for these models on AMI Motor Insurance and found that the Range Rover was the most expensive, and Tesla was the cheapest to insure. If you are buying one of these models then you are probably not too worried about the cost of insurance anyway. The salons will tend to be cheaper to run and maintain than the SUVs on this list. So that may be worth considering.


If you are considering a new car purchase, this article is for you. Here, we look at some of the top brands and models that make for an ideal new car in 2020.


The cars listed below are extremely easy to manage, nice to drive, and fantastic to travel in. So strap in, relax, and let’s start the journey.


1. Mercedes-Benz S-class

The Mercedes Benz S Class has a comfortable interior and is not over-stocked with electronics as some of its competitors are. It comes with a basic 12.3 infotainment screen and Mercedes’ command online network, with an optional package of rear-cabin infotainment facilities.

2. Range rover

The comfortable interior exudes elegance. The seats are outstanding and the driving position makes you feel like the lord of the manor. The heavy body offers excellent protection and safety, as does the high driving and passenger position. It does not provide the driving involvement and excitement of the Porsche Cayenne, but it still includes six- and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel choices, and some real ra power. This car can make you feel special, provides excellent visibility when driving and has plenty of space for the family.


3. Tesla Model S

This was the first custom-made development of the company’s electric car founder, Elon Musk. The ratings of the car are really strong, with its big, quiet cabin and huge storage capacity for its size and the very low running costs.


4. Audi E-Tron Quattro

Never has an electric vehicle done comfort better than the first Audi attempt on the zero-emission template: the E-Tron Quattro. This car blends four-wheel drive and a commanding degree of outright efficiency with SUV-level space, simplicity, and usability; and the desirability of Audi brands. This luxurious electric vehicle is a star.


5) BMW 7 Series

The 7 series has been somewhat in the shadow of the Mercedes S-Class since its introduction in 1977 but this new edition is BMW’s most determined effort to break the luxury saloon segment. The car integrates innovative active air suspension with groundbreaking infotainment and comfort technologies and provides two wheelbase lengths and four-wheel-drive models. 


6) Audi a8 

The new Audi a8 includes far more sophisticated systems, powertrain, and in-car technologies than the previous Mercedes S-Class. The interior design of the a8 feels like it was built to outlast civilization itself, but it lacks the S-Class beauty and ambient comfort. The car is comfortable and simple to drive, although it is not as pillowy and spacious as its main german rival, and in most significant respects,  the Mercedes is a step ahead.


 7) Jaguar XJ 

Since 1968, the Jaguar XJ has been at the forefront of the company’s saloon range, and the new iteration is a relaxed, forward-looking representation of the company’s rebirth. The sportiness of such streamlined design is enhanced by an outstanding handling frame. The cabin of the XJ provides a sense of elegance and tension german competitors are unwilling or unable to match.

8. BMW X7

Don’t think about this is an expanded BMW X5, but instead, a jacked-up 7-series fit for off-road operation. The car arrives in the UK with an option of two turbo-diesel engines and two turbo petrol engines. On the road, the X7 manages its size and weight well, and it is remarkably precise and agile when it comes to cornering. Even the diesel engines of the car are quiet and polished, producing enough torque to effortlessly drive the vehicle along, riding safely without losing balance. 

These are all supercars, each unique in its way, so whichever you go for is down to personal choice and frankly, your situation. Some are more family-friendly than others and more popular in some countries (for good reasons). Whichever you decide to go for eventually, make sure you test drive it and be sure it feels right for you.!

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