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10 Big Ideas from Seth Klarman and Margin of Safety

By |May 13th, 2019|Categories: Personal Finance Tips|

One name from the investment world that you should know about is Seth Klarman. Klarman is a reclusive hedge fund manager and investor. In 1991, Klarman managed over $400 million in assets. Klarman is now the CEO and president of the Baupost investment firm, headquartered in Boston. Baupost manages over $27 billion in assets. Klarman himself is estimated to have

Driver Uses License Plate-Flipper to Avoid Toll – Hit With $5,400 Fine

By |May 8th, 2019|Categories: Personal Finance Tips|

  There is a saying that my mother taught me when I was a child that I'll never forget. “You might beat the charge, but you won’t beat the ride.” As a teenager, I knew a crew of kids who would taunt local beat cops. She always persuaded me not to hang out with them. That saying was her way

How Much Money Is Rich?

By |May 6th, 2019|Categories: Economics / Politics, Personal Finance Tips|Tags: |

When I was a kid in the 1980s, a common trope in movie and TV plots was the struggling, average person falling into riches. Like the 1983 comedy Trading Places, featuring Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd. A group of bored billionaires secretly conspire to make a poor street hustler and a wealthy banker, Murphy and Ackroyd respectively, switch lives and

How to Pan for Gold in the 21st Century

By |May 1st, 2019|Categories: Life|

Do you have an aspirational dream or some bucket list wish item, that you really want to do? Yet, in your heart, you probably accept that you won’t ever really do it. Like BASE jumping? Sky diving? Directing a movie? We all have dreams that will probably remain unfulfilled. There just aren’t enough hours in a day.  Also, as responsible

Here’s Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage for a Timeshare

By |April 29th, 2019|Categories: Personal Finance Tips|Tags: , |

Do you know what a timeshare is? It’s a mysterious word that most people have only heard about but may not know its definition. You might have heard the phrase in 1980’s sitcoms as a plot device. Someone would invite financially struggling characters to a timeshare and then get into a problem that took a half hour to resolve. A

Things That Are a Waste of Money: Cell Phone Insurance, Vitamin Supplements and More

By |April 17th, 2019|Categories: Personal Finance Tips|

I hate the feeling of money burning a hole in my pocket. In my youth, before I worked for a living, I never understood what that saying meant. I appreciate what it means now, however. I work hard for my money. What is the harm if now and then, I spend my own hard-earned money on useless items?  That’s the

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