Summer is a great time for the family when the kids are out of school and everyone gets a chance to spend some quality time together in the hot sun. There are a lot of summer toys to help aid in that fun, but they can be expensive. Here are some great ideas for summer toys that you and your family and friends can enjoy. The best part? These toys won’t put drain on your bank account!

Summer Toys for Kids

Splash Pads

Splash pads are a great way for you and your kids to stay cool in the summer without having to invest in a backyard pool. There are a lot of different kinds, but they are safe for kids of all ages and easily hook up to a hose or sprinkler. The best part as that you can find some awesome splash pads as low as $20 and they are a perfect summer toy to have.


Another great toy for summer is a playhouse. They allow for your child’s imagination to open up by playing house and other games, plus, are just a great little hangout spot that your child can call their own. You can buy playhouses for under $100 and your kids will be entertained for the summer! 

Remote Control Boats

 If you have a child that’s a little bit older, and enjoys being outside, they will love playing with a RC boat. Remote control boats are brightly-colored, high-speed, and can keep any kid busy and outside having a blast. has reviewed some of the best RC boats to help you pick which one will be a fit for your whole family.

Summer Toys for Adults


Adults deserve some summer fun too, and cornhole is a great outdoor activity to have at your next backyard BBQ. You can buy this bag toss game at a lot of different places or make your own. There are cornhole sets available for less than $100 so why not go in on one, enjoy some drinks, and toss away.

Pool Items

Pool toys can be enjoyed by more than just kids! Got a pool party coming up? Consider bringing some floating drink holders, floating coolers, and pool games. Act like a kid and have some fun without spending a ton of money. Your friends and family will love it too.

Giant Outdoor Games

One great outdoor toy for summer are giant versions of classic games. Connect Four, Jenga, and Checkers are all fun and come in huge versions to add an extra element of fun. You can find these games for less than $100 and add a wow-factor to your backyard for the summer.

It’s time to stop worrying about expensive outdoor items and enjoy the rest of your summer with these fun and affordable toys. There’s plenty of options for kids and adults that allow everyone to have the time of their lives before fall rolls around.

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