Businesses are becoming increasingly savvy in their marketing and branding strategies. Not only is lifestyle branding commonplace, but the incorporation of play and relaxation sits alongside selling as many retailer’s store designs are redefined for the modern consumer. In the minds of many, Ikea led the way in its provision of iconic café, pantry, play spaces and even crèche facilities to welcome families to spend more and make a day of going into their stores. But you don’t need to have the multimillion dollar empire that they have to add value to your own business. Read below for several options to inspire you to make your brand pop.

Industry nights

Although not appropriate for every sector, having a night or day that targets others in your profession can provide a fantastic networking opportunity. For the price of some food and beverages hosting an event for like-minded people in your industry not only provides meet and greet opportunities, but potential for lasting social media connections (i.e. free advertising) and collaboration potential. To ease any potential awkwardness between your business ‘competitors’ it can be wise to have an informal proceeding at some point in the night to let your peers know that you’re keen to work with others to lift the profile of your industry as whole, not steal other’s ‘secrets.’ Outlining the gain that everyone can receive collectively is a great place to start.

Pop up opportunities

Getting your brand out there might also take the form of event sponsorship. This can range from the smaller contribution to a local sports team to a significant sponsorship of a major, annual festival. Beyond getting your name and logo out there, being very involved in said event yourself will mean increased exposure to new networks and potential future avenues. You might even grab a short term lease of a warehouse for an event that your business hosts itself. For a truly bespoke event, you might consider selling tickets to help recoup costs or partnering with some local charities and donors who can help the event be realised.

Social moments

Hopefully you’re already present online in some form and make an effort to manage your social media profile. Being responsive to customers through these platforms can make all the difference to a new business trying to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace. If online isn’t your thing, consider engaging a digital company to help with your online marketing. Getting help with search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) will boost your ranking on Google meaning more customers can find you, and it can help generate more traffic towards your website, where your business can speak for itself. It can seem complicated at first, but a reputable company will work with you to help you understand the steps they are undertaking and what your role will be in helping your business grow online. An easy to use website available across multiple platforms is also essential, so be sure to update and review frequently.


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