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Are you struggling with finances and looking for a way to get back on track?

Looking for expert help from professionals that have helped 100,000s of people recover from debt issues?

PayPlan is a debt management company that helps people with all different types of financial challenges and debt levels clear away debts with a range of financial solutions tailored towards the issues they are currently facing.

For Example:

“People with debt levels in excess of £12,500 have benefitted greatly from what is known as an Individual voluntary arrangement – or “IVA”” for short.

How this worked for them (in brief terms):

They submitted their details and made contact through the website & were contacted on the details they submitted once they submitted the quick online form. Once contacted by our expert advisers’ they were then provided with an information pack on how to apply for an IVA.

With the help of the PayPlan Advisers’ the IVA application was then submitted & the IVA was subsequently approved, and as a result of this individual voluntary arrangement, the majority of this individuals’ debt was cleared over a period of a few years and their payments were consolidated & made to be affordable from the beginning of the IVA.

Key Benefits Of An IVA:

  1. Creditors were legally bound to take no further legal action in pursuing debts
  2. No more hassle from creditors
  3. Generally IVA’s make it possible for the debtor to keep their home.
  4. The IVA made things affordable for the debtor
  5. The IVA made it possible for the debtor to clear away their debts over a period of 5 years in addition to making the monthly repayments’ affordable.

“People with lower levels of debt have also benefitted from financial solutions, this is generally achieved through the use of a debt management plan (DMP), this has helped people to improve & ultimately clear away debt over a period of time”

How this worked for them (In brief terms):

They found the website in internet search, landed on one of the pages & learned more about debt management plans’ in general.

They decided to find out more information & make contact with our advisers’ & once they did this & were contacted by advisers’ they were then put forward for a debt management plan, this is generally where PayPlan manages all of your creditors (on the provision they are a qualifying debt, some debts may not qualify, for more information speak to our expert advisers’).

The advisers’ manage your creditors by negotiating and re-negotiating the monthly repayments between you and your creditors to make each monthly repayment more manageable.

Debt Management has the following clear benefits:

  1. Stops’ creditor hassle and chasing
  2. Freezes interest (in many cases) stopping the financial liability from escalating by itself
  3. Consolidates and manages all of your ongoing repayments into one, low monthly repayment.
  4. Largely automates the management of your debts, taking the day by day management out of your hands.
  5. Provides you with an expert adviser who is able to provide information at any stage in proceedings for any questions you may have in relation to your debts – helping you clear debt over a period of years systematically by making them more manageable & on occasion the amount owed can be renegotiated by the debt management company & compromises can be made on the settlement figure of the debt.

I have debts I want to clear, what should I do?

A good starting point would be to make contact with expert debt advisers’ like the ones’ here at, this way you can get guidance on the best procedure to deal with your debt, whether that be an IVA (Individual voluntary arrangement) or a DMP (Debt Management Plan), if you require more information on either of these debt consolidation types the experts at Payplan are ready to help. (Simply get in touch using the form on this page or use the phone number at the upper right hand side of this page).

You can also make use of other sources of free advice, which you can find easily with a quick online search.
I have debts’ that are out of control & getting worse, what can I do?

You should seek help with this ASAP, we at PayPlan are willing and able to help you with your existing financial situation & we have a range of solutions to help improve your financial situation.

The longer you delay the more interest you can accrue over a period of time – it may be worth getting in touch with us now to see if there is a way we can help you become debt free and back on track, as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

To make contact with our advisers’ either use the form on this page or call us on the number provided above.

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