We all have our habits. Some habits are good and some we need to kick immediately. One habit we all know a lot about is smoking. Advertisements are posted everywhere about cigarettes. Some draw you in and others warn about life after smoking.  If you smoke, you know it could be consuming and dangerous to your health. Many of you may want to quit but may find it difficult to find the best and most cost-effective solution. If you’re worried about your options, we have the perfect ways to stop smoking and save money. 

Why Quitting Cold Turkey Isn’t Best

Most people may say to you, just quit cold turkey! If you want to stop, you can! But is it the best solution to your problem? No. While cold turkey costs you nothing in terms of monetary value, it could be quite dangerous. Smoking can cause physical and psychological dependence. A user will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms if they stop without assistance. Withdrawal symptoms may include irritability, insomnia, and depression that can last several months. These symptoms often prove unbearable to smokers, and thus their chances at success to stop smoking decline as a result.

Nicotine Pouches

A healthy alternative to quitting cold turkey is by weaning yourself off of cigarettes. The best way to do this is through the use of nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches are vastly different from the patch. It is not something that is applied topically. A nicotine pouch is a pre-packaged nicotine substitute that is applied orally. The pouch is placed between the gums and lips. Once inside your mouth, the flavor from the substitute is released into your mouth. The pouch leaves little mess and can be easily discarded once all the flavor has dissolved. 

The benefit of using a nicotine pouch is that it does not contain tobacco. It also does not require combustion to work and releases nicotine-like substances into the body in a safe way. The pouches also come in several flavors. Alongside a host of sweeteners, nicotine salt, and stabilizers are some unique flavor offerings that enhance the desirability of the product. Some flavors you can try out include citrus, berry, mint, eucalyptus, bergamot, and various other flavor combinations. 

Nicotine Patch

Another popular cost-saving method to stop smoking is the nicotine patch. These pouches are applied topically to the skin. The patch can be applied to the upper chest, arm, or hip. Be sure to check the package to ensure the correct placement. There are three different doses. Once applied, nicotine is directly introduced through the skin as a controlled dosage throughout the day. The common dosages for nicotine patches are 7mg, 14mg, and 21mg. 

Over time, your dosage intake will decrease, and you will be able to safely wean yourself off nicotine. This is a safer alternative to quitting cold turkey, as you will have a buffer against extreme withdrawal symptoms. The cost for a package of nicotine patches is as little as $16 a box. You can also choose to stop incrementally on your own, not cold turkey, but gradually reducing your cigarette intake over time. 

Life After Cigarettes 

After you have overcome your nicotine addiction, is where the next battle begins. That battle is to avoid using it again. There are some free ways you can use to aid in this step. For one, stay away from triggers. The best indicator that you will use again, is being around people and situations that cause you to want the feeling provided by the substance. If you mostly consume at parties or the bar, do not go to those locations. If you were more likely to smoke socially with your friends, tell them that you are recovering and would like it if they did not smoke around you or ask you to partake in smoking with them. 

Once you have mastered your triggers, you need to manage your cravings. You can do this by replacing the cravings with something else like exercise. Exercising in a short burst when you have a craving can lessen the thoughts. You can exercise by going for a walk, biking, running stairs, and so much more. You can also replace the craving through chewing. You may chew on gum or a piece of fruit when smoking a cigarette pops into your mind. You can chew on other food as well, something crunchy and satisfying is best. 

A Support System

Anytime you are trying to kick a habit, a support system is recommended. A support system is a group of people who rally around you in support of you through difficult times. Most important in this group is family. Your family is likely to be around you daily. Hearing encouraging words and support from them is paramount to your success. Friends are an integral part of this system too. If you have friends that smoke, tell them you support them, but ask them to not smoke around you or invite you to smoke with them. 

Other members of your support system include counselors and support groups. These members of your support network are people you can contact about your thoughts, feelings, cravings, and other associated feelings dealing with your dependence on nicotine and recovery from it. They are likely people who have or are going through the same things as you. They can give you a new perspective or even tips on how they came through difficult times under a similar set of circumstances. 

Smoking can be an addictive activity. We all know the dangers, and some of you may want to quit. Quitting can seem a dubious task that comes with a price tag you can not fathom. Instead of taking the costly route, you can choose to intermittently wean yourself off, use a nicotine pouch, or a nicotine patch. You can also rally around your support group and replace cravings with a healthier alternative.

Shatel Huntley has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University. When she’s not busy writing for grocerycouponguide.com, she works with special needs adults and travels the world. Her interests include traveling to off the beaten path destinations, shopping, couponing, and saving.

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