Vaping is becoming more and more popular, and many smokers make the switch. Nonetheless, once you make this change, you should learn how to take care of your device. It does not take too much to learn the essentials about vaping, and we are here to make the job easier for you.

Here are some useful tips that will help you if you want to make the transition towards vaping. Let’s take a look.

Try to disassemble your device at night

This is something that might seem annoying at first, but if you do it every night, you will notice that it is not something pointless and it will end up being very useful. Before you go to sleep, try to remove your atomizer or your vape tank. This is especially helpful for your device if you have filled it recently with e-liquid.

Dissembling your device will prevent any possible spills or leaks. This will definitely protect your device as e-juice could be very dangerous if it makes contact with the button or the battery.

Take care of your e-liquids

Taking care of your device is not enough, you should take care if your e-juices as well. For example, you must make sure that direct sunlight does not hit them. That is because sunlight will decrease the intensity of nicotine, and the effect will be less powerful than you were hoping for.

Additionally, you should not leave your bottles of juice open. If you do this, they might lose their flavor, and the taste won’t be the one you want.


Batteries are an essential element for your device. Each battery has a color code in the button, and this one will offer you information about the life of the battery. You should charge your battery as soon as you see that there is not much left.

Ego threading is used for starter batteries, which means that you have to screw the charger onto the battery. You should remember that you shouldn’t over tighten it as it can be harmful to your device or even your charger. Remove the battery from the charger as soon as you see that it is charged.


When you vape, you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting. You should have fun with your device. Try out different flavors and experiment with accessories from various brands. Each device has its own distinct features, so you find out exactly what you want.

Avoid cracking

When you purchase a device, you should know that not all vape tanks have the same quality. Some vendors might warn you about this, while others won’t, so you should do a little bit of research on your own.

For example, plastic tanks can crack if you use them with certain juices. If you use menthol or cinnamon flavor, you might notice that your tank will fog up or even break. If you can, try to invest in a glass tank or something that can handle any type of liquid.


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