The real estate sector in Malaysia is poised for unprecedented growth- as is evident from the latest developments. A number of realtor firms have flourished in the last decade and they have developed some stunning and amenity laden residential projects too. The demand for residential townships has shot up in the country with every major realtor focusing on developing such projects. You can buy a property in such well crafted and planned residential community townships in Malaysia for better living. However, it is important that you pick the right property developed by a reputed realtor firm.

Ways to assess residential community properties in Malaysia

You should use the following parameters to assess real estate properties to ascertain it is being developed by a reliable and top property developer in Malaysia:

  • Greenery and eco friendly setup- Just because you want to live with the necessary urban amenities, it does not mean you will have to stay in a concrete jungle! It is better that you look for residential community properties with a significant amount of greenery. Properties with enough plantation, parks and adjacent water body should be preferred. There should be enough landscaping around the property and free space for taking walks and playground area for the kids.
  • Connectivity- The residential township or community property should be strategically located so that the residents do not have to face transportation and connectivity problems. When enquiring about such properties in Malaysia, look for availability of nearby highways and key roads linking the region to major cities. Connectivity to capital city Kuala Lumpur will be desirable.
  • Security- The residential project should have enough security provisions. Apart from adequate number of security personnel it should be safeguarded with digital surveillance methods including CCTV setup.
  • Amenities- You will not want to miss out on the urban amenities. So, look for a property that has the basics in place. So, you need to check for its proximity to markets, educational institutions, recreation zones and healthcare facilities. A nearby shopping mall would be very good in this regard. For the health conscious lot, availability of swimming pool and gymnasium would be good.
  • Types of properties- Not everyone will look for same type of residential properties. A small apartment may fit the needs of working couples but it will be inadequate for mid to large sized families. So, you need to check out variety of properties available in such residential community properties. Usually, these townships have various types of bungalows, terrace houses, condo, town villas and serviced apartments.

Things you should check carefully

You will get some idea about real estate residential properties in Malaysia from the website of realtor entities. However, you should resolve all queries by talking and meeting with the agencies. The realtors will inform you on factors like availability of finance and required documentation etc. However, you can check credibility of such a top property developer in Malaysia using other means too. Utilizing the social media platforms can be pretty useful for this.


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