The best part about food is that there is a food for everything. Like literally everything, diet food, comfort food, food to gain weight, food to improve skin tone, food to bulk up. So naturally, it isn’t that shocking to find out that there are foods that boost sex drive for both men and women. Also food that helps you to keep your energy levels high so that you can play at real money casino online and stand a chance to win big.


Spinach is one of the foods that can help increase sex drive. This is because spinach is rich in a mineral called magnesium. This magnesium decreases inflammation in the blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow. This means that blood flow down south is increased. As a result, this makes orgasms easier for women and erections come naturally to men.

Green Tea

Green tea is well known for all its numerous health benefits, like how it reduces belly fat and speeds up the liver’s capacity to turn fat into energy.  When relating the tea to sex drive, it has compounds called catechins, which also increase blood flow. The compounds do this by killing free radicals that damage and inflame blood cells. And when blood flow increases, we can all guess what happens next.

Casino Game Food?

With there being a food for everything, it would not be shocking to find out that there are foods that help boost online casino game performance to get the best online casinos to play at visit and stand a chance to win big.


The watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable. Although it is made up of more than 90% of water, it has amazing health benefits. Research indicates that part of the ingredients in that meagre 10% margin have Viagra-like effects. Those very same ingredients relax the blood vessels, and like the other two, increase blood flow. And well, the rest is history.


Appearance wise, ginseng is not appealing. Regardless of that, ginseng is very healthy and also helps to boost libido. A study conducted showed that women who took a ginseng supplement upped their libido by at least 60%. It is also key to note that, most energy drinks have ginseng as one of the ingredients.


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