Like everything else that requires people to invest their money for a gain needs an experienced handler, so does forex trading.

To gain the required experience, forex brokers who assist in providing access to the market, provide forex trading demo account for their clients. Both the experienced and the inexperienced traders have access to their own demo accounts.

Professional traders and trainers of traders advise new and inexperienced traders to make full use of their demo accounts. Usually, it is advised that every new trader should work with a demo account for a minimum of three months to one year before investing real money into their trading account to increase their chances of success when they begin trading.

Benefits of a Forex Trading Demo account

Help traders gain experience

Demo accounts help new traders gain experience. A new trader needs to make use of the demo account provided by their forex broker to gain experience in trading the forex market. This enables the trader to not only safeguard their money but to also multiply it in the cause of trading.

It is risk free

A demo account is actually loaded with virtual money by your forex broker.  Therefore you start trading on it without using any of your money.

Any losses or gains made when trading on the demo account cannot be withdrawn from the account. They serve as part of your learning curve.

Help traders learn how to trade on their brokers software

Demo accounts are just like live trading accounts only that they are not loaded with actual money. Therefore, demo accounts run on the same software that actual live trading accounts work with. The way a new trader places orders in the demo account, is the same way they would in the live trading account.

A trader can have it for unlimited time

Forex brokers allow traders to own the demo accounts for as long as they want in their trading career. Experienced traders can also find demo accounts useful in the cause of trading. They can use them to test out new trading strategies and to test out the market before they place their actual orders.

Use of leverage

Leverage is a loan provided by the forex broker to the trader to help them control a larger portion of the market than they actually can using their available capital. Demo accounts also have leverage provided just like in live trading accounts. Users of these demo accounts will know the appropriate levels of leverage they require to make significant profits in their trades and how to manage their capital.

You can have as many demo accounts as you like

Both demo accounts and live trading accounts are provided by forex brokers for free. As a result one can have as many demo accounts as they can like. Highly focused traders will use these numerous accounts to learn how their brokers work and will ably select the best broker after having tested out several demo accounts.

Rakuten forex brokers is a reputable forex broker, who offers both demo accounts and live trading accounts for free to traders who wish to trade through them. They fall under various government jurisdictions and are under government regulations in all these regions they operate from. Forex traders are therefore sure that their money is safe with Rakuten.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is quite a profitable activity. It is online based and as a result, there has been an increase in the number of individuals joining the trade. As a result, the initial market participants who are large financial institutions and large business organizations formed forex brokers to assist retail traders as they earn a fee from their activities.

Forex trading involves the exchange of currencies. It involves buying or selling currencies at a low price and anticipating or predicting their movements to enable them make a margin of profit.

With the right experience and proper trading strategies, a trader can make a good living from forex trading through a competent forex broker.



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