MetaTrader 5 is very popular because of its ability to provide trading, analysis, trading strategies testing and own technical indicators and scripts. It also has lots of tools that usually come in handy.

Remember, this is not a trading platform, but a program that analyses your financial market. And this program, with all of its great features, like the accessible interface and the simple way of trading, works on the stock market and Forex. To have access to the broad trade opportunities, charts and technical analysis, you need to use MetaTrader 5 in your binary options.

How to download it

Most of the features will be downloaded while installing it from the web.

You need to pay attention to the rights protection. After you click next, the background download will begin using one of the developer servers (make sure you select the closest server to the user). After, you need to click Finish.

Trading Indicators

According to the metatrader 5 demo account, the technical indicator is the most critical tool in the specialized examination. It works naturally and distinguishes diverse examples in the value progression of shares and currencies. With this data, you can make a supposition about the future development of costs and modify your exchanging system appropriately.

Moving average and stochastic oscillator on a MetaTrader 5 chart

A wide assortment of technical indicators has been created. The most acclaimed and prevalent of them are within the MetaTrader 5 and any trader can utilize them in his exchanging system. For comfort, they are altogether joined in groups: oscillators, volume markers, trend indicators.

MetaTrader 5 indicators

Most technical indicators have an assortment of settings that enable you to adjust the instrument for particular assignments. Both expository parameters and settings that are in charge of the presence of the indicator are easy to control.

Moving average settings window

Indicators in the terminal can be found either on the price chart and furthermore in unique sheets with its scale values. Along these lines, it is conceivable to apply some different indicators. As a rule, MetaTrader 5 offers dealers a genuine tool for high-grade intelligence. Be that as it may, the most complex trades can utilize extra technical indicators,  which are composed of MQL5.

Procedure Tester

Exchanging procedure analyzer has worked with a specific end goal to check the nature of the written algorithm. This intense tool permits you to decide its productivity and to pick the best info parameters.

Input parameters

All work of trading strategy tester, in view of the historical currencies, forms and values quotation. Amid testing, the master guide lists statements and investigates them one by one.

Built-in experts

MetaTrader 5 strategy tester offers various testing modes. They enable you to choose the ideal proportion of speed/quality test to address the issues of the trader. One of the undeniable points of interest of the procedure rester is the portrayal of trade counselors test results. It’s not just numbers – what amount did the calculation acquire amid testing. It is additionally a mass of measurable performance indicators: the level of benefit and misfortune, the quantity of successful and unsuccessful exchanges, the desire of winning and that’s just the beginning.


The binary alternatives exchanging strategies can be made more adaptable and versatile, and the reaction to noteworthy occasions quicker. To do this, you need to utilize Alerts in MetaTrader 5. Set an alarm to show you the events. No compelling reason to invest a ridiculous amount of time sitting close to the screen and watch the convulsive development of currencies and stock quotes.

Alert editor window

Furthermore, you can dispatch exceptional projects and applications that will alert when trades happen. For instance, you can get an SMS on your phone. So wherever you will be, you will dependably know about the most recent improvements in the budgetary markets.


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