Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is something commonly brought up in the corporate sector as well as in various professional environments around the world. It is proven to help with productivity, performance, and success in areas such as sales, customer retention, leadership management, increased productivity, and more.

A recent study has shown that businesses can improve productivity with emotional intelligence training because it is the strongest aspect of performance. Many of the top 90% performers in any given corporate environment have a higher emotional quotient, enabling them to make twice as more than low EQ employees.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

In order to understand Emotional Intelligence, you must first know what it is all about. In simple words, EI is defined as the ability to recognize and control emotional states, and being aware of the emotional states of others around us.

For Major Skills Of Emotional Intelligence

Personal management– this is all about controlling and managing your emotions to find a better way to express them at work. For example, if you’ve ever had an argument at work, you may quickly turn the conversation around and de-escalate things without making the other person feel bad.

Personal awareness– this is all about being aware of your emotions and taking control of them as soon as you recognize they are taking over your mental state. With this skill, you are able to quickly react to triggers that cause emotions to rise.

Relationship management– this skill teaches you to use your awareness to detect the emotions of others in order to develop a better relationship. This is a vital skill when working with clients, vendors, and partners.

Social awareness– once you learn to identify your emotions and are able to better control them in any given situation, you will now have the ability to see how well others are managing their emotions. This allows you to see things from a different perspective and even control the situation.

How to Improve Productivity With Emotional Intelligence

Having more emotional intelligence can make a big difference in your business. Since there are a lot of barriers between business owners, partners, clients, service terms, employees, and other personnel, you’ll require the skill to understand the emotions of everyone at work.

When you learn to control your emotions, and are better aware of how others are managing their emotions, you can use the opportunity to increase productivity, build a better relationship, or become the perfect negotiator.

Having to Improve productivity with emotional intelligence is all about making the four primary skills of EQ come to life at work. Use these skills with everyone in your business. You’ll see opportunities arise when talking to staff, clients, business partners, and even investors.

The key to taking your business to a whole new level is to build new and better relationships. This is the core idea of Emotional Intelligence. Once you are able to relate with people, you can easily build quality relations with them which positively effects your business.

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