0dde0c54f50541e09fbcb0a1c539db8eAuto insurance is designed to provide drivers with relief in case of damage to their vehicle as well as some liability protection in events that affect other drivers, and a wide range of policy options and types are available to help every driver obtain the coverage they need in their individual situations.

Of course, family often knows best, and can have a different view about the necessary level of coverage to provide adequate protection for a driver they love. However, is it possible for them to transpose this goodwill directly into change by making alterations to your car insurance policy?

Minor Changes

In general, providers will allow the family members of a policyholder to make minor necessary changes to their policy. Common scenario is related to changes that do not affect the actual nature of the coverage, such as providing a change of address or other information critical to the policy and its billing.

Special Situations

Minors often have special guidelines governing the policies they hold that gives their families more options in providing the appropriate level of coverage. For example, a parent can usually call and increase the level of protection for a teenage driver and a spouse can request changes to a policy that help it fall in line with temporarily limited resources.

Another situation that allows a family member of a policyholder to make changes to their auto insurance coverage is if the policy is in their name as well, giving them many of the same access and control rights as the central holder of the policy.


Individual privacy policies vary from provider to provider, but for security reasons most companies will not release any information or take any action on requests made by parties other than those officially listed on the policy. Exceptions are sometimes made with extenuating circumstances, but in general anyone not listed on the policy has no right to any information associated with it in the view of the provider.

While being named as the central holder of an auto insurance policy typically gives a driver the ultimate control over the coverage, there are a few situations in which a family can make enquiries or adjust coverage levels without involving the driver. Different insurance carriers have different procedures that may make some allowances where others may not, but as a rule the holder of a policy has the final word on who can access it.

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