Tag and I are currently living in a one-bedroom apartment. That means we have one bedroom, one bathroom, and one living space with a desk in the corner (my “office”).

As you can imagine, even the happiest couple on the planet can get into trouble when living in such close quarters. For instance, I’ve been in a particularly cranky mood this evening because of some frustrating technical issues with my website, and Tag really doesn’t have anywhere to go to get away from me.

We would be so much happier if we had an office where I could go to work and blog while Tag could have the rest of the space for her schoolwork and anything else she wants to do. We’ve talked about trying to change units to get into one with an office or a second bedroom.

The only problem is that will cost $100-$300 a month for the upgrade.

What’s the Office Worth?

Tag and I actually get along incredibly well and there are very few times where the lack of an office is a strain on our relationship. However, it is frequently inconvenient. My current “office” is in the living room, which means Tag either has to be really quiet in the living room or stay in the bedroom when she and I are both home and I’m working.

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It also means that Tag doesn’t really have a place to study. The kitchen table, living room couch, or on the bed are her three options, and none of those are particularly comfortable or convenient for long periods of time.

We want the office. We don’t want to move again. We REALLY don’t want to pay an extra $100-$300 a month.

We are trying to save as much money as possible so we can hopefully buy a house with a 20% down payment in the next two years. We also know that if we do want to get married at some point that we’ll be paying for most if not all of the wedding.

The soonest we might be able to get into a unit with an office and hire some Mayflower movers is December. We’ll probably live here until May of 2014. That means an upgraded apartment would cost us 18 months  of increased rent. That’s $1,800-$5,400, depending on how much the monthly increase came out to be.

Readers: Is it worth it to pay the extra money for an office? We can afford it, but it will mean we are saving less money that we need for big future expenditures. What would you do if you were me?

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