They say money can’t buy happiness. Maybe not, but what if it could buy true love?

Apparently some men are willing to pay $20,000 to find their true love. I would be hesitant to spend $20,000 on anything, much less a dating service. Especially since is only like $20 a month. However, the article claims that 88% of the clients meet their eventual spouse in the first nine months. If I have a 90% chance of meeting the person I intend to spend the next 60 years of my life with, it just might be worth it.

Before I go any further, I need to mention that I have a girlfriend (sorry ladies) and am not looking for a new one. However, I’d like you to humor me for the rest of the post as I pretend I am single and completely unattached.

It Makes Perfect Financial Sense

From an economic point of view, this could be the best investment I ever make. My perfect woman is almost certainly going to be one with a job. If I marry a girl with a good job and we combine our income, I should have my $20k back in just a few months. Then anything she earns for the rest of our lives is straight profit. Who wouldn’t want to get in on an investment that pays you back in under a how much would you pay for moneyyear and then provides up to 60 more years of gains? Although if she is loaded with debt, this kind of changes the equation.

Maybe I would make that one of my prerequisites; I can tell the agency that I only want to be introduced to ladies that have a net worth of at least $20k or more. This way, as soon as I marry her I will have at least my initial investment back, and possibly more.

I’m joking here, but only partially. Honestly, marrying someone and adding a second income is one of the best ways to increase your net worth. From a financial perspective, unless they fix you up with someone loaded with debt and children, anyone should make their $20,000 back pretty easily.

How Much is Love Worth?

What if I signed up for the service and they told me they had found my absolute dream girl except for one thing; she doesn’t have a job and never plans to have one. Maybe she is 100% committed to volunteer work or has a full time job taking care of a disabled family member or something. The point is, would it still be worth $20,000 to find true love?

Well I plan to live until I’m about 85, which gives me 60 more years to live. If they can introduce me to my soul mate tomorrow, that means I will get to spend the next 60 years with her. If we take $20,000/60 years, that comes to $333 a year for the best thing in my life. That’s about how much I spend on food in a single month. Now I’m a big fan of food, but I really can’t say that I should be spending 12 times more on food than I do on LOVE.

Let’s take the other scenario. Pretend I’m going to die in a year by some horrible, freak accident. In that case, I’m probably even more willing to spend the $20,000. If I only have one year left to live, you bet your ass I want to spend that year with the girl of my dreams.

A 12% Chance of Failure

I’ve talked about this service as if there were a 100% rate of success. I’m an optimist, so if I see something working for 88% of people, I’m just going to assume it will work for me. However, there is that small chance that you haven’t found your match after a year. I guess your options would be to pay for another year or cut your losses. While you would be out $20,000, I’m certain you would have learned a lot about what you are and aren’t looking for in a woman. It’s not worth $20k to me, but at least it’s something to walk away with.

Love is Definitely Worth $20,000

As I mentioned before, I do have a girlfriend and I’m not looking. I’m actually relieved that I have Tag, because if I didn’t there’s a good chance I’d be calling into Selective Search and getting ready to drop $20k. To be honest, if I hit 30 and was still single, and I did some more research on the company and thought they were truly legit, I might spend up to $100,000 to use the service.

If you are single, what is love worth to you? How much would you pay for an 88% chance of meeting your soul mate in the next year?

This post was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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