dog-1232449_640Being responsible pet parents comes with obligations to our fur babies, in sickness and in healthy times. However with pet costs on the rise, it’s just as expensive taking your own kid to the doctor, or even more.

What do we do for what’s best for our pets without burning a hole in our pockets? Here’s a few tips to help you save money on pet’s health care.

  • Schedule regular check-ups to the vet. Don’t skip your pet’s yearly exam. It’s a whole lot expensive and risky to treat illnesses than to protect against them. Another good idea is to shop for veterinary practices by comparing fees for preventive care.
  • Neuter or spay your pet. This can save you a lot of money by preventing serious health problems which includes ovarian, testicular and uterine cancer. A lot of local shelters provide resources for low cost or even no-cost neuter/spay surgeries. You can always research online to see what your local shelter offers.
  • Protect your pets from parasites. Tick and flea infestations can bring a ton of pricey medical problems from minor skin irritation to life-threatening blood loss. Keep the critters at bay with topical flea and tick solution. Never interchange solutions for dogs and cats and make sure to use products only as directed.
  • Buy good quality pet food. It’s more cost-effective than a homemade diet. Also, avoid overfeeding your pet as it can cause obesity and other serious health problems.
  • Toss the cigarettes or if you can’t quit smoking, do it away from your pet. Secondhand smoking is also a major concern for pets which can lead to asthma, bronchitis, oral, nasal and lung cancers.
  • Groom your pets at home. You can save the price of a visit to the groomer with regular nail trimmings and brushings. It’s good for your pet too as it will reduce the amount of hair floating in your home and cats will have fewer hairballs.
  • Consider pet health insurance. It’s better to be prepared as a pet owner. The cost of an emergency vet visit or a serious illness could cause a financial strain, so it’s better to invest in pet health insurance while your pet is healthy. To get the best deal out of all the available health insurance for your fur baby, you can compare and review pet insurance coverage.

Of all the expenses that go into caring for an animal, it’s the unexpected medical procedures that can drain your budget the fastest. Still, big vet bills can be avoided. While top dollar can buy great health care, comparative shopping actually makes sense. Always prepare for unexpected pet expenses once you adopt or get one. It’s also best to open a separate savings account for your companion’s out of the ordinary needs too. Just keep these tips in mind and consider the costs into your budget so that it will go a long way toward avoiding pet debt.

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