The first time I heard about the Bitcoins was in October of the year 2014. I was informing about this virtual currency for weeks, and on January 14, 2015 I decided to negotiate for the first time with this cryptocurrency. I have managed to create a solid business that generates more than $ 12,000 every month because I saw a good opportunity, and I took advantage of it without hesitation.

Here I will show you my proven method to start buying and selling Bitcoins online that my students and I continue to earn more than $ 10,000 each month. The following two steps are very simple but often ignored by the beginner businessman and the neglect of the things below will only result in regret. Yes! The real regret you can avoid from the beginning.

  1. Sign up at a selling platform

    The first step to buy and sell Bitcoins is to register on a platform that has a high level of security, and that is reliable. 

    2. Find a Bitcoin seller in your country

    After registering at a selling platform; you should look for a seller in your country to buy a quantity of coins that you will then sell for a higher price. There are many options you can choose: pay by national transfer, PayPal, in cash through an ATM, with a credit card, Neteller, Payoneer, Western Union, or cash with the seller in person. Some methods are faster than others (like PayPal or Payoneer), and you should bear in mind that there are countries in which no vendor uses certain payment options. If you do not find any result when selecting your payment method, you must choose another form of deposit until you see sellers who do accept it.

    Commonly you would find the following information:

    – Merchant: here you will see the name of the seller, the number of transactions he has made (more than 100, more than 1000) and the positive score given by other users (100%, 99%, etc.)
    – Payment method: are the payment methods you accept to sell Bitcoins
    – Price / BTC: the price at which you sell your Bitcoins. The first one on the list is usually the one that sells at a cheaper price, and as you go down it is the merchants that sell more expensive.
    – Limits: the minimum and maximum amount sold in each operation. It’s better if you use Bitcoin calculator in calculating every transaction being done.

– Buy: with this button you will go directly to the page to be able to make a purchase to that seller.


By doing some considerations before buying then you will be able to anticipate unnecessary risks. You can also grow your confidence in starting this new business. Trading cryptocurrency at a glance looks tough but in reality it does not come as long as you understand every risk you face. Hopefully this article can help you start your cryptocurrency business.

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