Understanding your options for support

After a career serving in the military, you may have been left with a life-changing physical or mental injury that is preventing you from living your life to the full. You may be struggling with simple day to day tasks, which prior to your injury were not a challenge. With mental or physical injuries such as these, you may be entitled to receive a veteran disability benefit. 

However, the process of obtaining this benefit can be complicated and time-consuming. Without the correct help and support, a disabled veteran may not always receive the financial support and compensation they deserve. Some will be successful but others will fail over small issues – get more info from a disability lawyer by clicking the link. 

As time goes on a veteran’s condition may worsen and become more serious and debilitating. An increase in disability should mean an adjustment to the veteran’s disability rating, resulting in more disability compensation and support being provided over time. However, this is not always the case as government bureaucracy can be slow, with complicated paperwork and procedures, that are often difficult to understand. It should be a simple process, however it can sometimes take years to complete the process. 

Why get in touch with a veteran attorney?

A veteran law attorney has the knowledge and experience in the field to understand the evidence that is needed to gain financial support for the veteran. A veterans’ disability lawyer can give you the relevant information so that you understand the compensation program known as the Total Disability for Individual Unemployability (TDIU). This benefit has been established to support disabled veterans who are unable to sustain employment due to service-connected injuries.

Understanding the system

With knowledge and experience of the VA Compensation Appeal System for disabled veterans, an attorney will be able to scrutinize and evaluate the situation for your disabled loved one. They’ll be able to understand and explain complicated and sometimes difficult government litigation related to your specific situation, to ensure your loved one receives the positive outcome deserved with as little time delay as possible.

Increasing your VA disability rating

Once a veteran has been granted a claim for disability benefits, they can then request their VA rating to be increased. If the veteran suffers from physical or mental service-connected injuries and can provide evidence of their worsening condition, they may ask for a review of their rating. This evidence could be in the form of medical records from a hospital or a written statement from a veteran explaining the details of how their condition has deteriorated. With the support of an attorney through the reevaluation process, you’ll get the guidance you need to navigate the legislation and complicated appeals in order to ensure you receive the outcome you deserve. 

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