With the cost of expenses always going up every year, saving money on your utility bills has never been more important. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to extremes just to cut down your bills – there is a way to keep your rates under control and increase your savings.

Is it possible to make a simple change to boost your savings and at the same time gain additional cash? Billsnip.com just might be the answer for you.

Billsnip is not just a bill review service – they go one step further – they are a bill negotiation service that works with the utility companies on your behalf so that you can get lower interest rates, lower bill payments and eventually more bill savings for you.

So how does Billsnip work?

This is a company that can negotiate several types of utility bills for you like cable services, cellphone, internet, mortgage interest rates and fees, credit card interest rates and many more. So if you need any assistance to cut down these expenses, file what is already paid and then take a look at what Billsnip can help you out with to lower.

Once you have segregated your bills, it’s very easy and simple to send it to them. Just scan your bills on your computer and send them via email or you can do it via mobile services – just take a picture and text in your bill.

Will I be qualified?

Billsnip will do all the work for you so you don’t have to worry if the bills you send will qualify you for their service or not. Don’t doubt, just send it in. They will review the bills and if they see that they can’t help you out, you will not be charged at all. This is another way you can save money on them.

Why should I use Billsnip?

It can get tiring to always be on the phone and negotiate deals with your creditors. Plus, it’s not all the time you are guaranteed that you are getting the best offer or discount on your utility bills. With Billsnip, you don’t have to call your creditors yourself. Wait for them to do the work for you as they are have trained negotiators and they are experienced to figure out how much they can save for you.

How much will they charge me for their services?

The billing method of Billsnip is very simple. They will only charge you 35% of the amount they saved you. Since they don’t get paid when they don’t help you out, the risk of using their services go down significantly. You do have the option to pay that fee monthly or if you pay it in full, you get 10% off the total amount they will charge you.

When you take advantage of the services they offer to lower your utility bills, you are taking a step towards a better financial future by lowering your debt. You can contact Billsnip via these methods:


Email: hello@billsnip.com

Text: 808-201-1992

Talk to a Human: 1-855-824-5576


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