Indulging into debt is easy, because you are praised every time you overspend with more. On the contrary getting out of debt is hard, because you send money away to creditors and get nothing in return. So you won’t just straggle out of debt like you straggled into it .You need a plan. You need the support of your liable partner. I can’t provide the liable partner. People are creatures of habits and spending money is no exception. As I shop at the same market, eat in the same restaurants and drive the same car, lives in same flat because it’s my habit that had put me into debt. It is also costing me more than i can handle financially.  If i won’t change my spending habits, i won’t ever get out of debt. So I start with my morning habits i do have my coffee and breakfast at home.  I go to lunch with a bag, not with a wallet. In the evening, watch movies on TV, while eating a home cooked meal. I will see an immediate impact on my daily spending habits. I don’t have to do without. I just have to make better choices with what I do. It is rare to get a quick fix solution to debt problem.

Trap of debt

When I bought my first house, i realized how irritating my debts had been. My huge minimum repayments meant that i had to try and survive without spending on luxuries. Things got so bad that i realized i needed some help and looked for a debt management plan. However, I also invested money in online games like mobile Caesars casino NJ and won many times. Still, I admitted that my life would always be overshadowed by debt, making the new lower payments into my debt management plan would mean that i would be in debt for years. I was so ashamed of my debt problems that i avoided telling people. I tried to live life normally and pretend that everything was good but was very difficult for me.

My debt turning point

My turning point came when my son was born and i realized that my debt situation could compromise his quality of life as well as my own. One day that I am forever thankful for, I tried to find other people like me who had huge debts but had successfully paid them off. I was inspired to follow such people .I searched the internet and i found success stories that inspired me.

I set up my blog as a way to voice my frustrations somewhere about my debt and to document journey to debt freedom. It was through this, I found support from people I didn’t even know. They helped me on to learn about ways that i could save and make extra money to pay off my debt that i had been in. They picked me up when I was down and celebrated with me when I hit a debt reduction milestone.

New dawn awaits

It took few months to clear my debts. I managed to do this whilst raising my son and despite earning much less than in previous years. I was successful, of course happy because I learned how to budget, plan and i found all sorts of ways to make extra money here and there to overpay my debts. Debt freedom is the best feeling in the world. Now life is peaceful. Today I do not worry about creditors calling or sending letters anymore and knowing that our money is our own is really a fantastic feeling.

What should you do if you’re in debt?

My advice to anyone who falls in this situation would be to first of all face up to the amount of debt you are in and make a plan to pay it off, even if that means getting professional help. You will need to make financial sacrifices and try to make more money to overpay your debts. You really need to find someone who can support you emotionally during this time. When you are ready to give in and buy something that you don’t need, that person can encourage you to carry on with reaching your goal of debt freedom. If you have a setback do not just give up try to get out of debt. If you do not give up you cannot fail.


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