As the Occupy Wall Street mantra of “blame someone else” continues to spread throughout the world, there is another movement brewing. It’s called We Are The 53%, and it refers to the 53% of Americans who actually work enough to pay federal income tax.

The 53% pays all the federal income tax for 100% of Americans. The 53% are the responsible people who are working hard instead of complaining. They take responsibility for their own actions. They don’t wait for the government to give them the life they want; they go out and take it themselves.

There is a great blog where people submit their story (usually handwritten on a sheet of paper) about what they have done to become a part of the 53%, and why they don’t identify with the “99%” that claims to speak for all but 1% of the country.

You have to check out the site and some of the pictures. Go to We Are The 53% now!

I submitted my own story, but it hasn’t been accepted yet. I hope the owner of the blog continues to post updates because I haven’t seen one since last Friday. Even if he doesn’t there are still some great stories of personal triumph and responsibility.

I am not the so called “99%” who hates the top 1% for their success. I am the 53%.

I Am The 53%

I Am The 53

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