doctor-563428_640Being healthy and fit are choices you make on a daily basis. Snack on cake or eat some fruit? Sit on the couch all day or go out for a run? These decisions come up all the time, and it’s up to you if you want to act on them or not. Of course, choosing the health and fitness path is better than the alternative, which is a sedentary life filled with disease and weakness.

The main problem here is, people often forget that they have a choice, because the routine is buried so deep in their subconscious, it takes over when they see something they want to eat or if they get tired just by thinking about standing up and exercising. Moreover, there’s the wrong assumption that everything can be fast tracked these days.

Fitness: Hard Work and Time

You have to work on it, devote time for it and be committed until you reach your goals. Even when you reach your goal, you still have to work to maintain your gains. That’s how it plays out and there are no shortcuts, all-in-one magic pills and one-stop shop services that promise you a new body in two weeks. That’s plain BS.

You need to be wary of companies and individuals that promise you unbelievable results if you purchase their products. If it’s too good to be true, it may not be true. There’s a technique called “the big lie” and the theory behind is that the bigger and more outrageous the claim is, the more people will fall for it. This happens all the time, so keep your BS meter up and use common sense.

Fix Your Diet

For your diet, you can start by choosing not to eat any junk food and processed carbohydrates. As long as it’s not natural, don’t eat it. If you’re overweight, limit your calorie intake by eating 500 less calories. This will put your body in a much needed calorie deficit that will enable it to burn excess fat instead of food. You can do this by eating smaller meals or fasting.

Avoid starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and high GI fruits such as grapes. Load up on avocadoes, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, apples, bell peppers and carrots. Your plate should be colorful, so strive to get fruits and veggies that are green, yellow, orange, red and purple. Eat a lot of fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. Make it a point to get lean cuts of meat from grass fed sources.

Make Exercise Your Routine

If your knees and feet are up for it, go for a run. You would need a good pair of running shoes, clothes that wick away sweat and a safe environment to run in. Start slow at first and build up your pace and speed. Don’t overdo it on your first try, and stick to a distance that you can handle. Do a run-walk-run technique to preserve your legs and energy so you can build up your stamina slowly.

For muscle building, all you need is your own bodyweight. The humble pushup is one of the best exercises ever, because it hits not only your chest, but also your shoulders, triceps, abs and back. Search for beginner callisthenic programs online that you can do. It must have pushups, pull-ups and squats of any variation as the main exercises so you can maximize your results.


You’re not ordering parts from an auto or snowmobile tracks catalogue. You just can’t get a catalogue, call a body parts supplier and ask for a brand new lung or place a reservation on a used but chiseled chest from a bodybuilder because places like this don’t exist. In order to get the parts you want, you have to commit to a program and work hard to get the results you want.

This coming new year, choose to be fit and healthy so you can start the year right. You have the power to make the change.

Good luck!

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