Going digital has become much more than a banking trend. Business banking hubs are increasing in volume and allowing companies more flexibility with their finances. Part of the growth has to do with the attention to detail in the customer experience. Payment processors are here to stay, and these are the features people covet the most. 

1. Guest Access

When a customer doesn’t have to sign in, they are more than likely to go through with a purchase. Forcing a potential customer to sign in leads to problems completely unrelated to the payment. A misremembered password is the easiest way to lose a sale. 

2. Smooth Navigation

What does a visitor on your website need to do when they find something they like? If you can lower the amount of clicks it takes to get a sale, then you’ll get more sales. A long-winded checkout process gives buyers a chance to rethink their purchase choice. It also frustrates customers that want an in-and-out experience. 

3. Security

Security protects the company and its customers. When a company gets outed in the news as having a security breach, it creates chaos with their image. Security can be implemented in a way that doesn’t prolong the purchase process. Take advantage of it, and if possible, add a text/visual assurance for the customer to see. 

4. Multiple Payment Options

Having more than one payment option opens up your services and products internationally. When a consumer is set in their ways, being forced to use a different payment option is a turn off. But the most important part about multiple payment options is keeping it all on your webpage. Payment options that require the consumer to go offsite and finish the purchase is considered a red flag. 

5. Don’t Hide the Checkout

Use noticeable icons and colors to highlight shopping choices. Having to search for the checkout button is troublesome, and can sometimes lead to errors. This is usually a problem when consumers use their browser buttons instead of the ones on your website. To avoid any confusion, make your checkout process as clear as possible. 

6. Automated Notifications

Having access to notifications is a great opportunity to follow-up with the consumer. You can automatically send them an email with the current purchase and similar items. An email notification also gives them easy access to the order, website and support. When building an email list, automated notifications can help with some of the heavy lifting. 

7. Ease of Use

Checking out should be an error free process. Small things like blocking autofill makes the checkout slow. It also frustrates a potential customer that wants to get on with the rest of their day. If your checkout process isn’t ‘ushering’ the buyer to the finish line, then it needs to be optimized. Correct the small mistakes just as quickly as you correct the big ones in checkout. 

Wrap Up

It’s a simple challenge to provide a consistent checkout experience to needy customers. You have to understand what works, and do your best to avoid common checkout mistakes. Prioritize convenience, and company growth will be your reward. 

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