I have said time and time again that the best way to get a good job is to have skills that are in high demand. Today, that means being an engineer or a computer programmer.

I have shared some thought provoking (and sometimes anger inducing) posts on this topic in the past, check out my Updated Career Advice for Teenagers or my recommendation to Get an Engineering Degree.

In the past I have used statistics and talked about individual situations where people used highly sought after skills to obtain employment easily in a recession. Theoretically anyone can get a job if they have desirable skills, but is that really the case? Yes.

And I can prove it.

The company I work for is hiring developers / computer programmers. In fact, we are desperate for them. I sat in a long meeting today where we talked about how disappointing our hiring has been and tried to figure out ways to increase our recruitment efforts.

One of the solutions we talked about was to increase employee referrals. Unfortunately my only computer programmer friends are the ones I have that already work at my current job. Then I realized that I have tons of internet friends.

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This is an invitation for an interview with a very large, well known company. If you have a degree in computer science or a related field and some experience, please contact me and we can talk about my giving you a referral.

I don’t disclose who I work for on this site in the interest of keeping my professional life completely separate from my blogging life, but I will obviously tell you the name of the company if you want to apply.

Maybe you aren’t a computer programmer, but you have a friend who is. Maybe he or she is unemployed. Or maybe your friend is just looking for a new job.

I can help them out too. Just send them a link to this post and have them contact me.

Here are the only requirements:

  • Experienced Computer Programmer / Developer
  • Must live in or relocate to Dallas, Cincinnati, or Jacksonville, FL

I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to help some people find work. Please share this with anyone you know who might be qualified. I will give more detailed information to anyone who contacts me through my contact form.

Let’s get some people to work!

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