There are a lot of ways to invest, but not many are as lucrative as putting money into a property. Not only can you get big returns by investing money into a home or business building, it can be very fulfilling. Prices of houses have remained relatively low and affordable. Buyers and sellers both have been slow to make decisions until there is more clarity around Brexit, which has made the market slow for than the last year. Once there wasa datefor the UK leaving the European Union, there was a newfound confidence in property investors, buyers, and sellers. 

Mortgage Rates

Rates are at historic lows. With these prices, there has been an increase taking out five to 10-year fixed mortgages to lock in lower rates over a long-term period. Banks and other lenders want to get your business, they are highly competitive.With prices low, there will continue to be mortgage competition. It is tough to say what will happen after Brexit, but one thing is for sure. Tax relief will be restricted to the basic rate of income, which is currently at 20 percent, until there is more certainty in the market. 

Buy to Let

With several changes to legislation for property investors, “buy-to-let” remains a good investment. Home prices are fairly stablebut some areas seeing growth and price increases. Landlords with high yielding assets do not necessarily need to fear market fluctuations. Of course it is always important to do your homework. When it comes to profit, it goes without saying that you should do your best to purchase a property where there is room for capital growth. 

Landlords are confronted with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, faced with a raft of taxes and legislative changes over the past few years. The political stalemate surrounding leaving the EU has deterred many from investing in property. The outcome of a recent election has led experts to start predicting what will happen to the property market. Still the sentiment has improved while the tax situation has continued to worsen. Soon landlords will lose the ability to offset any mortgage interest costs after the gradual phasing out-of-tax relief comes to an end.

Where to Invest: The North of England

Investors always look for higher yields without having to unload a lot cash to acquire the assets. Landlords buying property in the North of England have a better investment. You can also look at places like Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham. These cities can offer highrental profits because there is a lot of room for growth.

These are hotspots for first-time investors, but there are still areas of London that are enticing for investors. You can look at Mayfair properties for sale, which are properties some have made a lot of money on. When a property is more affordable, that doesn’t mean it will be a more profitable investment. In fact it can be just the contrary. Sometimes investing more can yield larger returns. However, if you will struggle to rent or sell it being cheaper is irrelevant. Whenever you invest, you should do your homework. 

Demand is high and this is unlikely to change. Since investors will be able to achieve steady returns in 2020, this makes it a great time to enter property investment. Increasing your property portfolio, particularly if you are an investor with a long-term investment horizon. 

If you are looking to invest in 2020, think about putting money into property. There are a range of places you can invest in, but don’t immediately go to the cheap houses. Taking a look at more expensive properties will not only yield better returns, it can help you build your own style of property investment. This is why it is always a good idea. 


For those who are looking into properties, you can create a brand of buying and selling homes. This can even turn into a business. It is a great way to get started on something that may turn into a career. If you play your cards right, you will be able to look beyond your current situation and use your extra money for something lucrative and interesting. You won’t regret putting your funds to good use. 

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