calculator-428294_640This is a major financial decision that many of use to have to make. The majority of us will be forced to make the choice based on what our money advisors say. Some of whom are self-appointed like the guys at the bank who tell you how you cannot afford the credit. Unless you have recently won a real money online casino jackpot are bound by what the rules say. Fortunately, this is doom and gloom is not the end of story.

Digital Product = Mass Buying

The age of the digital is upon us. Even those that had been resistant to change are now accepting that the technological advances cannot be stopped anymore. By acknowledging this they have unconsciously removed any barriers. Thus creating a clear road for exponential growth in tech.

Many top level managers are quickly accepting that they can no longer hold on to legacy business models. Especially in industries such as books, music and more recently movies where there are digital alternatives to the prime product.

When things are on a digital platform a lot of production costs that suddenly disappear. The result is that products can be offered at a cheaper price. For some smart executives, this presented an opportunity to make more money by moving larger volumes. They successfully dropped the prices of products to below that “what the heck” price. By doing this they got a lot of sales.

However, there are some executives that chose to keep the prices of their products high. Even at online casinos, this is a common strategy. To target high rollers. But how do you do this with products that are being sold at $6 each with a target of getting several hundreds of millions in sales? The task then becomes enormous.

The good thing is that with pressure mounting from the cheaper pirated versions there is likely to be a decrease in prices for digital goods. Therefore soon people will be able to buy instead of renting movies, book and other material. Which makes a whole lot more sense.

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