Moving into Los Angeles just by yourself is a big part of the adventure of dwelling in one of the world’s most exciting locations. However, you only want the moving-in part to be one simple element of a glorious story, particularly if you are a student looking for off-campus housing for the first time. Whether you are an innocent transfer student or a hardened upperclassman, it pays to remind yourself that you are going to be a resident in an amazing city that attracts almost 50 million tourists every year—and most of them wish they could be, like you, lucky enough to stay longer. So, remember to build in some leisure time each week to explore the City of Angels.

Consider Your Housing Alternatives

You may have convinced yourself going into the relocation process that you would be facing an uphill battle finding an apartment in West LA. In fact, off-campus student housing is available in many iterations and with a variety of fine options. You’ll find, especially with some of the housing designers, that a great deal of thought has gone into the construction, flow, options and aesthetics of the facilities. Intentionally, some of the providers of student housing sought to enhance the learning experience with an eye to balancing the physical and academic needs of the residents. Many student residences feature topflight security, nicely appointed furnishings and shared community spaces as well. Ultimately, you will also want to reside in an apartment where the management is available and approachable.

Use Some Insightful Wisdom to Search

One online Los Angeles local information site shared some important tips for finding worthwhile apartments and deciding which of them is right for you:

  • Do not rent sight unseen. No matter how good the place sounds over the phone or how much your old roomy liked it, take a trip to see for yourself.
  • Watch out for scams. “Housing services” that try to charge you money to find you a place to live do not have access to any more information about housing than you can find on your own.
  • Have your information ready to share. Even student housing will require you to demonstrate who you are and to have what you need to sign on the dotted line.
  • Assert yourself. If you want to rent the place, remember you are from the big city now.

Make the Transition Easier

In case you have never lived in a big city like Los Angeles before, you will be experiencing some culture shock. However, you will soon recognize many of the beautiful elements that Angelinos love about LA, those qualities it shares with other mega metropolitan areas. You’ll find incredible diversity in people, ideas, cultures and food—not just around the city, but on your block. You can get around the place; great cities have affordable public transportation. Yes, pizza is available at 2 a.m., along with lots of amazing new food choices you never knew existed. Wonderful celebrations and entertainment abound in the city. Find your apartment and enjoy.

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