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With the advancement of the internet, there are a number of money making ideas you can choose from. With just your laptop or smartphone connected to the internet, you can try out any of these ideas.

Start Freelancing

You can become a freelancer. Currently, there are a number of platforms that offer you the opportunity to register and find clients. Interestingly, most of these platforms have been designed to be easy to make use of.

Venture Into Real Estate

If you are very open to risk, then venturing into real estate could just be the right option for you. It is a fine way for you to earn passive income. There are platforms where you can make huge profits from real estate by co-investing starting from about $5,000.

Start A Blog

The first step to starting a blog would be to choose a profitable niche. To earn money from blogging, you will need to be consistent.

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Start A Podcast

If you have a beautiful voice and knowledge of a particular field, you could start a podcast. Just like running a blog, you will need to be consistent with your podcast if you are to make money.

Conduct Paid Surveys

Most companies are willing to pay huge sums to have you carry out surveys on their products or services. This is a fine way to make money right from the comfort of your home.

Money Making Applications

There are a number of them that pay you a commission for carrying out certain services. For example, Drop offers you gift cards when you spend money on their platform.

Start A YouTube Channel

With thousands of people making huge sums from YouTube, you could create a channel. You will need to pick a niche and also be consistent. You could also refer your channel to your friends and loved ones

Create Digital Courses

If you have knowledge about a particular industry or field, you could create digital courses for those that may need the information. With this industry set to experience an unprecedented increase in value, you will definitely make money from this idea.

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Write A Book

Thanks to platforms like Amazon, you can easily write ebooks and sell them to interested readers. The book could be about a particular field or even your personal life.

Sell T-shirts

With platforms like Printify that offer you the opportunity to print on demand t-shirts on Shopify, opening your own print on demand business is now easier than ever.

Take And Sell Pictures

If you are a good photographer, you can decide to take decent photographs and sell them for a fee. Going by reports from Letstalkaboutmoney there are a number of top or best ecommerce platforms to sell digital products online.

Venture Into Graphics Design

You can create tons of digital arts for clients and get paid instantly. There are a number of platforms you can choose from.

Start Dropshipping

With drop shipping you do not need to keep stock of products.

Start Affiliate Marketing

With this idea you get paid commission for promoting a service or brand.

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