It has been a tough few months for many of us – some may have lost their jobs, others currently furloughed or the few who may have been required to work through the pandemic, but one thing that is true for all is that there have certainly been some financial struggles throughout and learning new methods to manage your personal finance has been paramount. As we continue to move through in to the ‘new normal’, staying on top of your personal finances moving forward will be increasingly important – but what are the best ways to do so?

It’s time to track and budget – If you haven’t already, now may be the perfect time to start tracking your spending and budgeting around it. There are a growing number of tools and applications out there to help you do so, some being free and others coming at a cost. It doesn’t necessarily need to be so complex however, a simple spreadsheet monitoring where your spending is may help you identify where you may be splashing out a little too much and where you have room to spend a little extra. You may even be able use this to help you plan some extravagance once in a while as you make room in your budget for a little luxury here and there.


Eliminate excess spending – We’ve all picked up habits during the pandemic and many of these may lead to excess spending – perhaps the most widespread has become the increasing number of new people utilising online gambling sites. Initiatives such as Gamstop had been introduced to limit this, but when looking at casinos not on gamstop there are a growing number that have become available – this may be just one of many examples that you may fall victim too. Identify where you may have some excess spending, and see if there are any ways in which you can bring this down.

Expanding your horizons – Staying on top of your finances could also mean expanding your horizons and looking for new sources of income to either replace or supplement what you had existing before the pandemic – fortunately there are many options here and there are a growing number of success stories for those who have managed to not only supplement but really find a lucrative source despite the current measures, whether this be through online creative outlets or picking up other forms of remote work, there have been a growing number of opportunities for those looking to do something a bit different and may be just what you need to stay on top of your personal finances.

There are certainly some more changes still to come to, there have been many warnings that the ongoing events are far from over and the coming winter months could make things that much worse, it’s better to be prepared now than to be caught off-guard in a few months’ time, implementing some of these points or others moving in to the future could help you secure not only good personal finance, but the reassurance that you can comfortably adjust under any circumstance that may come.

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