5 Business Benefits of Using a Serviced OfficeIn the business world, reputation is everything. Often, it feels like markets are dominated by those who can shout the loudest. If you’ve got a big budget, it doesn’t take much to pour money into flashy advertising campaigns or buy into prestigious neighbourhoods. However, when you’re a young company, with limited funds, competing with rivals is tough.

This is why some office providers are trying to create change, particularly in big cities like Bangkok. These vendors are committed to providing simple, flexible leasing arrangements that give every entrepreneur a fair shot at making it. Visit www.servcorp.co.th/en/serviced-offices/ to find out more about the top-class facilities on offer from premium providers in Thailand like Servcorp.

This article explores the rise of serviced offices and the promises they make to businesses.

Get Close to the Competition

The unique structure of serviced offices means they get small businesses close to much bigger market rivals. With the support of these providers, you could feasibly be rubbing shoulders with some of the most iconic brands in Thailand and, indeed, the world. This is possible because serviced vendors occupy the most prestigious addresses in the capital.

Making Luxury an Option

To understand how these vendors make top spots affordable for smaller companies, you’ve got to understand how they function. Tenants pay a single monthly fee, as is conventional, but they get more than the physical space. Also included in the rate is cleaning, lighting, heating, air conditioning, broadband, and IT support. You pay one monthly charge for all of this.

Find It Furnished & Ready

Not only that, but most serviced suites come fully furnished as well. So, it’s no wonder smaller businesses find them so easy to manage. Yes, you’re paying for a high calibre location, but you’re saving money on logistical expenses and utilities at the same time. Plus, with no furniture to move, there are no transportation costs either.

Putting You in the Driving Seat

There’s very little risk involved in leasing a serviced office, even if you end up struggling with payments. Contracts are deliberately kept open-ended. They roll on until you decide otherwise. If for any reason, you want to terminate, it’s just matter of making an official request. The terms are always flexible and designed with tenants in mind. There are no penalty charges.

Start Hosting In Style

Finally, if you pick a vendor that offers conference room access, you’ll never have to pay extortionate fees for a room hire again. Some facilities allow tenants to use these spaces for free. Others charge a nominal amount. Either way, you get full use of a world-class meeting space and all of its media and presenting equipment.

Why Serviced Offices Are Great for Small Businesses

You’re free to use serviced suites no matter what the size of your business or workforce. There are no rules as to who can become a tenant. Nevertheless, the focus tends to be on smaller companies, just because they have a harder time securing those top locations. With the support of a serviced provider, rubbing shoulders with big brands is a real possibility.

The freedom to mix and match corporate resources is also a major asset. It means tenants have much more control over how and when they spend. Often, success in the business world is less about wealth and more about balancing expenses and investments. When you go serviced, critical decisions can be made very quickly.


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