I love to get in the holiday spirit, and what better way to enjoy the holidays than to sing about it? If you’d like to download the song, it’s free (as always) and you can get it on the downloads page or right here: [download id=”8″]

This song is a true story of me and my girlfriend at Thanksgiving. OK, it’s just “based on a true story”. Actually, it’s not true at all, but at least it’s funny!

This was definitely the hardest song I’ve written so far because it’s tough to tie in holiday themes and still make something funny. I also started with a song about twice as long as the current version, and it’s hard to cut things down to make a shorter video.

What the Pilgrims gave the Native AmericansAnother reason it was so hard was because I was trying to tie it to personal finance. It simply wasn’t turning out with that idea in my head, so I just decided to tell a funny story and hope people enjoy it. There is still a serious lack of Thanksgiving music, and I hope this song fills the void a bit. I love personal finance, but I’ve found I just can’t center every one of my videos/blogs around one topic.

It was also fun because it was the first time I’ve played two characters in the same video! In case you were wondering, my “gray” hair for the dad was just about a pound of baby powder. Pretty cool, huh?

While the song may not deal with personal finance, it’s easy to tie personal finance into this post. Every time I make a music video, I have to buy props. This video was actually one of my cheaper ones because I just had to buy some food and the baby powder. The total came to about $11.

However, as I continue to make music videos, I think I’m going to need more equipment. For example, I could have actually had the dad and boyfriend in the same shot if I had a green screen. I’ve found what looks like some decent green screens on Amazon for about $150 (including the stands and lights and everything), which I think is a necessary investment if I intend to keep making videos.

At some point I’d like to see a return on the investment I’m making into this site, and right now I just keep getting deeper and deeper into the red.

Today’s Thousandaire Questions: How awesome was that video? and second, If you have experience shooting videos, do you have any tips on how to decrease the costs?


This Thanksgiving my girlfriend Jill and I had dinner with her dad
We’d only been dating for a couple of weeks but I thought “it can’t be that bad”

So I met her father and said “Hello Sir, I’ve heard so much about you”
Jill said “I’m gonna go cook you boys play nice, we’ll be eating at 2”

So I tried my best to impress her dad but he wasn’t even smilin’
When it comes to small talk with his daughter’s boyfriend, he sucks like the Detroit Lions

Then he came real close and said “Jill’s my only girl, I’m sure you understand
That if you ever hurt her you’re gonna end up like the Native Americans”

He was dead serious and I was scared so I tried to respond with a joke
I said, “That sounds great I’ve always wanted to own a casino in New Mexico” (hehe)

Then we sat down I threw a roll in my mouth and asked her dad to pass the dressing
He shot me a look that was as cold as ice and said “Son, how about after the blessing?”

It would’ve taken a while for me to swallow the roll and I didn’t want to delay
So I spit the masticated bread out on the plate and I smiled and said “Let’s pray”

I thought I’d come over and impress her father but it definitely didn’t work
My only chance at redemption would be through my special surprise dessert

I brought my Grandma’s famous pecan pie ‘cause it’s the best and Jill deserves it
So I told her to close her eyes and open her mouth and that’s when I found out she’s allergic

Even in this moment of life and death crisis my girlfriend was looking hot
I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’m kind of attracted to anaphylactic shock

Even though I saved Jill’s life by administering an EpiPen with precision
I decided to leave because the dinner had gone even worse than LeBron’s Decision

So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the fact that Jill is still alive,
And that I had an excuse to leave early enough to be the first in line at Best Buy.

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