If you have a personal injury lawsuit, you probably have some questions. One of the most common questions is regarding the timeline for a personal injury claim. Learn all about the timeline for the case and how long you can expect to wait for compensation. 

The First Steps

Before you can even file a lawsuit, you need to take care of yourself. This means getting medical treatment and keeping records of all of your bills. It’s crucial that you follow your doctor’s directions and attend all of your doctor appointments. If you fail to show up, you could end up hurting your case.

After you seek medical treatment, you can start looking for an attorney. While you should be eager to file your lawsuit, you should first find experienced legal representation. Take your time and look for an attorney who will put your best interest first. As you search for a law firm, look for one that specializes in personal injury claims and one that has a record of success.

Once you find the right attorney, you should have a consultation. The lawyer will tell you more about your options for compensation and explain more about the timeline for your case.

How Long Does it Take to File a Claim?

Filing your claim doesn’t take much time. Your attorney will do the research and collect all the evidence they need to build a strong case for you. This means interviewing you about the accident, delving into your medical treatment, and looking for witness testimony. 

The length of this part of the process depends on the complexity of your case. If it’s straightforward, it will only take a few weeks or months. However, a case involving many moving parts could take longer to investigate.

Before filing the claim, your lawyer will probably send a demand letter to the other party. They will ask for a certain amount of compensation, which should be enough to pay for your accident-related expenses. If they don’t comply, the lawyer will go forward with filing the lawsuit.

Getting Paid

Lawsuits tend to be expensive.  And, your costs don’t go away. You’ll still need to pay money for rent, utilities, your mortgage, children’s costs, etc.  One thing you could consider doing is applying for a lawsuit loan.  Pretty much what happens with these is the lender has a look at your case, talks with your attorney and makes a decision about whether or not to help you.   There is more information about how lawsuit loans work at https://mycaraccidentcashadvance.com/.

The other option is you can just wait until the lawsuit is settled for your funds.  This is slower, but you won’t need to pay any interest.

The Negotiations or Court Trial

It usually takes between one or two years for a personal injury claim to make it to trial. Before your case goes to court, both lawyers need to do their own discovery. They look into the evidence and start building up their legal strategies. Typically, discovery takes between six months and one year. In some cases, the trial date is moved further down the timeline. It’s impossible to say exactly how long it will take to get your day in court.

That said, most personal injury cases don’t ever make it to trial. They are resolved during the negotiations process and leave you with a settlement check. For this to occur, your lawyer will sit down with the other party’s attorney. Then, they will attempt to come up with a fair settlement. After you agree to a settlement, you are not allowed to take further legal action regarding the accident.

Getting a More Accurate Timeline

If you want a more accurate timeline for your personal injury case, you should speak to an attorney. The King Law Firm will tell you more about what to expect and can estimate how long it will take to resolve your case.

In 2014, there were 11 fatal car accidents in Oxnard. There were thousands of car accidents, slip and falls, and other types of personal injury cases. If you’re a victim, start taking the steps towards receiving compensation.

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