Moving is never fun and easy. It’s the most dreaded part of buying a new home. From preparing and packing everything to unloading and arranging them in place, it takes a whole lot of time and energy.

Doing all this in the summer is especially challenging as it’s a popular time to move, and there is often the heat factor. It can be agitating, dehydrating, and plain stressful. 

To beat the summer heat and keep your planning smart as you make that move, follow these tips. 

Budget Before Booking

Before booking the movers or a moving truck, budget for what you can afford during the move as expenses can add up.

Be sure to consider any financial changes and big expenses that could come up from the purchase of your new home. If you used an FHA loan, use an FHA mortgage calculator to determine the upfront cost of your home, then from there, decide how much you can allot for the moving expenses. This way, you will not surpass your budget. 

Also, ask around for quotes from multiple moving services and do your research on available moving service providers. Compare prices and choose the ones that give you the best deals: guarantee the safety of your belongings, offer efficient and fast services with the right price, etc.  

Avoid Busy Days

Summer is already a popular time to move. This is because it is difficult and unsafe to travel when it is raining or snowing, especially for trucks with heavy loads. 

Movers tend to book up quickly in the summer, so you’ll want to book well in advance. Most people are free on weekends and non-working holidays; hence they book quickly during these days. Therefore, if you want to avoid the moving rush, weekdays in the middle of the month and non-holidays are days you should target.

Plan ahead of time and allow ample time in your schedule to prepare for your move out so you can focus and manage everything hands-on.

Beat the Heat

Hydration is essential, especially on hot sunny days. Bring plenty of water for you and anybody else helping you move to keep everyone cool and refreshed. 

Have shaded areas or plan to let people hang out in the house to avoid the sun during breaks. If you have pets or children, try having someone else watch them during the move to avoid having them in the heat for too long.

It is highly advisable to take health precautions when moving during the summer; prioritize hydration, wear sunscreen, and be on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

Knowing the warning symptoms of heat-related illnesses, including heat rash, sunburn, exhaustion, and stroke, can help you save lives, so research information about it before the planned move. 

Keep Your Things Cool

Keep track of electrical devices during the move and plan to have them out of the heat as quickly as possible. Electrical devices have a tendency of overheating and can cause harm to you, your family, and others, so monitor them closely during the move. Ensure they are in proper working condition afterward as well. 

Run the air conditioning in your house to allow all your possessions (and people) to cool off once inside. If transporting food, move all perishable items quickly and put them directly into the refrigerator. You can also move them in a cooler with ice packs if it’s a long trip.

Plan Ahead

As mentioned, this is a busy moving season, so plan and budget appropriately. Start your day early so you can do more within the day and finish the moving process as soon as you can.  

Prepare for the move well in advance by packing up as much as you can ahead of time. Organize everything and add labels to boxes to avoid damages to fragile items like glassware, electronic appliances, and mirrors.

Do your best to create a plan for the day and have an idea of when the movers will be coming and how long they expect it to take so you can have all the logistics and moving parts in order.

Also, try to enjoy the process. Feel that excitement and share it with your family. Have them help you pack things up. Planning ahead of time will help lessen the stress and will give you ample time to adjust things and find pleasure in moving. 

Have a Happy Summer Moving Day!

Moving to a new house can be stressful and full of work, but it is also worth celebrating and enjoying. It’s a significant step in life, so try to plan ahead, organize, and stay calm. Even under the hot summer sun, moving can be an enjoyable experience if done correctly. 

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