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The reliance on e-books has surged to unprecedented heights in this new era of technology and the best is yet to come. This article is going to give you top 10 ideas to help you with your e-book to stay afloat with the latest trends in the Year 2019.

  1. E-books with Solutions

Although it is 2019 and people have access to all kinds of information, but having too many options may actually result in a problem rather than a solution. The e-books that offer their readers and expert advice are quite popular. People rely on these publications to get real-life tips about literally everything.

  1. E-Books as Manuals for Different Products

The e-books that primarily focus on telling people how to use a gadget, a service, a product or anything else are increasingly garnering more interest. Such e-books increase the value of your product as they offer the right information and guidelines about how to get the maximum out of it.

  1. ‘Revealed’, ‘De-mystified’, ‘Expose’

Putting these words in your titles and following this theme in your e-book will engage your reader at a different level. It conveys this idea that you have an in-depth knowledge about one of their most favorite topics. Such e-books are a great tool to secure sales because of their excellent feedback.

  1. Offer Solution in a Timeframe

Setting your e-book in a timeframe for your readers will give them a notion that you are giving them a solution within a certain number of days. This makes you win their trust and make them sure that you are a reliable source of information. Also, it shows you have a piece of information so sound that you are claiming to make it practical in just a matter of days.

  1. Your Own Story

One of the most impactful ideas for an e-book is the narration of your own success story. This is never a bad idea if you execute it correctly. Also, there is more room for your creativity as it is more opinionated rather than being a fact-based publication.

  1. Horror

This genre is a bit tricky but if you pull it off right, you will definitely have a curious and engaged audience for your piece. It is 2019 and people are looking for thrill and something substantial.

  1. Slam Poetry

There are some people who do not like to read long paragraphs of content. They prefer reading prose and poetry with meaningful stances. Also, slam poetry is more popular than ever now, so you will be popular among the lot in a matter of days.

  1. User-Friendly Template

Another area to consider for your e-book is having a user-friendly interface with features that promote reading. You can look into designrr free trial to see how the experts pull it off in a professional way.

  1. Keep It Original

There are so many books and ideas out there that it almost becomes repetitive. Such a scenario may expose the readership to frustration. You must have an original and distinct content instead of rip-offs.

  1. Short Stories

Another amazing product for the quick readers who have a short attention span. These short and impactful stories are the best option to enthrall your readership.

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