christmas-celebration-2902215_1280Christmas comes with its own perks and woes. Although it is time to be merry with family and friends, it is common to be left with dents in the pockets by the time it comes to an end. If this season always leaves you feeling like you spent more money without leaving you relaxed, it is high time you redefined your goals and simplified things. Here are some great tips to help you enjoy the festivities without breaking the bank.

Have a Pre-Christmas Clean Up

Before Christmas comes knocking, you should try ways of making some extra cash if you want to boost your finances. Go through your things and clear whatever you no longer use or need, including clothes, books, jewellery, and furniture, among other things. These things could be sold online or at a garage sale. Apart from making some cash, you might end up brightening someone else’s Christmas.

Make a List and Cross-check it

Ensure you have a list of everything you need to buy and food that needs to be prepared during the festive season. Such a list will help you plan a budget and adhere to it.

Presents: List what gifts are to be bought, for whom and how much you are willing to spend on each gift.

Entertainment supplies: Make a list of food and drinks that will be needed and how much is to be spent. Purchase these things in advance and take advantage of sales. Go for specials like foodstuffs that can be frozen for a long time.

Travel plans: Whether you decide to fly or drive, there are numerous ways you can save on holiday travel expenses. List down all the expected costs like flights, travel insurance, accommodation and fuel. Grab sales deals in advance and make bookings as early as possible to avoid having to pay for premiums for late bookings or peak seasons increases. If you plan to drive, determine the cheapest day for filling up your vehicle’s tank. This should be done a week before Christmas.


Switch it Off

With new gadgets emerging each day for your kids, Christmas is the period to test them out and compare with siblings. While it doesn’t make sense trying to restrict your kids from using them, remind them to switch their gadgets off while not in use. This will save energy, as well as electricity bills. Remember to switch off all laptops and televisions at the mains. When appliances are in standby mode, they continue to use energy.

Put on a Full Load

Since most households tend to be busier around the Christmas season, there are usually more dishes as well as clothes to be washed. Bearing this in mind, ensure you make the most out of your dishwasher and the washing cycle by filling them up. The temperatures for both machines should be set at 30°c. This will not only ensure that both your dishes and clothes come out clean, but also your finances will be saved. Usually, 90% of energy is utilised by the washing machine for heating the water.

Make the Right Investments


With the festive season comes many investment opportunities that you should try investing in. They range from stock trading, forex trading to spread betting. A good choice of broker for forex trading is CMC Markets. This is a UK-based financial derivatives dealer. It offers an online trading platform for consumers who wish to deal in CFDs, spread betting and forex across multiple markets.

With a partner like CMC Markets, you are guaranteed to reap some benefits that will enrich your financial status during the festive season. Try investing in one of their services and smile your way to the New Year.

Decide Where to Put Your Christmas Savings

You can start by opening a bank account that is purely meant for Christmas savings. Go for a direct debit or standing order to transfer whatever amount you wish to save in your Christmas account every month. If you don’t wish to open a savings account, look for a Christmas savings scheme where you can save your money. However, remember that these schemes are not regulated the same way as banks.

Develop the habit of saving well before Christmas to ensure your finances don’t suffer during the festivities.

By following the above tips, you will be able to enjoy the holidays and still have a bright ushering in of the New Year knowing that your bank balance has not suffered from all the merrymaking.


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