The United States Dollar is the most popular currency in the world both financially and in the casino games world. History has made the “dollar” a common means of transacting worldwide. However, this doesn’t make the U.S dollar the only “dollar in the world.

Australia and its territories are among the list of nations that use the term dollar for their currency. Their currency is called the Australian dollar. Canada, another great nation also call their currency the dollar. For the Canadians, it is the Canadian dollar.

Apart from great nations, a number of islands have named their currencies dollars. The Bahamas have the Bahamian dollar, Barbados has the Barbadian dollar, and Bermuda has the Bermuda dollar to mention but a few. All of which are amazing islands and great travelling destinations.

The East Caribbean dollar is also used by a number of nations. The nations that use the East Caribbean dollar are Dominica, Grenada, and Antigua and Barbuda. This shows that the term dollar is a very popular name for currencies of the world. Even at the online casino uses dollars for best payout casinos which make it easier for the players

A number of nations use the U.S dollar as their currency. This makes it easier for them to trade with the U.S and also among each other should they wish to do so. A few of the countries that use the U.S dollar are Palau, The Marshall Islands, El Salvador and Ecuador. The best part of this is that these countries are scattered around the world.

Fiji and Jamaica too are countries that have their currency as the dollar. In Fiji, they use Fijian dollar and Jamaica uses the Jamaican dollar. So it’s safe to say whoever came up with the name “dollar” as the name of a currency had a great idea. With so many countries using the name to refer to their currency it is natural to have a tonne of respect to that name.

To add to that list of countries that use dollar name for their currency there is Hong Kong, Kiribati and Guyana. In Hong Kong it is called the Hong Kong dollar, for Guyana, it is the Guyanese dollar and Kiribati the Kiribati dollar.


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