dauphin-island-1606262_640The housing market is a constant reference point for those looking to do two things; understand how the general economy is performing and, making an investment for the years to come. The market flows with the times and right now, the opportunity to see property as a quick financial gain has never been better.

Online realtors, Fast Florida House Sale have seen many changes since the subprime market crash in 2009 and have analysed properties across the state of Florida when it comes to understanding what the general market is telling us about house prices and what is going to be things that affect them.

1) General Economy

The state of local and national economics is in a much better place than in 2009; we could see that from the amount of foreclosures happening on a daily basis. People were placing too much of their asset wealth into non real returning items. One house could have been affordable, but instead, people were building portfolios of entire streets. It was only natural that it couldn’t last.

2) Your house condition

What is the actual condition of the home that you are selling? One of the key questions we get is, “what are the quick fixes to sell my property fast?!” Well, you need to think, is there any rot? Are there holes in your roof that need sorting out fast? Do you have internal structural damage that needs amending? It seems obvious, but if you want to get the best value for your house, it had better be a house that someone wants to live in.

3) Environmental conditions

We work across the state of Florida and we’re seeing on a daily basis news stories of the Zika virus, an overgrowth in the alligator kingdom and many more, only Floridian issues. There isn’t much that could be done about these, but environmental conditions such as Zika isn’t having that much of an effect, for now, on house prices.

4) Long term opportunities

One of the big turns we started to see in house price increase in the last six months was when Obama visited Cuba. The reason, the possibility of opening up trade to the island just a few miles away and the prospect that now, there will be an influx of job opportunities, families reconnecting and other long term prospects with tourism and other exciting ventures that will see the housing market respond to these potential opportunities.

House prices and the housing market can be a fickle thing. You need to think of what you can control when it comes to selling your property and what you can’t. From the economy to the environment, these non controllable elements have an impact on what value you can sell your house for, but that shouldn’t stop you either.

The real estate market is right now, in a good place to get you great financial gains, whether you’re a seller or an investor; understanding risk, and what you can do to make investments a good opportunity for yourself is key to financial success for the long term.

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