If you own a business, it’s more than just your livelihood.  You’ve put countless time, money, and work into getting this company going, and it’s a massive part of your daily life.  Unfortunately, sometimes your business will need more money than you can afford to put into it, even if you know this money could help it grow and thrive.

This part is where equipment financing comes in.

How can you tell if your small business would qualify for financing?  Below are some tips to look out for if you’re unsure.

Is Your Business Growing Too Quickly?

This situation is the best ‘problem’ to have when it comes to owning a company.  If your business is growing exponentially and your customer demand is going up with it to the point that you can’t keep up- you may need equipment financing.  This step would allow you to buy new production machines that will speed up your time and will enable you to serve and earn more customers at a faster rate.

If you can prove your rising income and demand, it’ll make it even easier for you to snag equipment financing for businesses.

Has The Type Of Production Changed?

Are you changing over from screen printing to digital printing?  Have you realized that your production style has to get changed for you to be able to make a more significant profit?  If that’s the case, then apply for financing.  Approach it as a fix-all for your business to have a chance to start growing again.

Can You Save Money Going Automated?

As much as we love our employees, some jobs are more cost-effective and safer for automated systems to do.  For the cost of one small business employee’s yearly salary, you could get a machine that replaces them and works for years on end.  This consideration can be a harder pill to swallow, but it’s easy to pitch to a financing company that will understand your needs.

Has Your Current Equipment Failed?

If you’ve been steaming ahead and succeeding, until suddenly your equipment failed and stopped working, the cost could bury your company.  Instead of closing your doors and losing business, financing can give you the chance to quickly replace your equipment and make sure that you don’t have to close longer than necessary.  A lot of companies don’t have the money upfront that it would take to replace equipment and machines; let financing help you.

Do You Think Your Small Company Would Benefit From Upgrades?

Is your equipment working now, but you can see that it’ll fail someday soon?  Don’t wait until disaster strikes, or put employees into a dangerous situation.  Financing can replace your equipment with newer models before your older ones get a chance to break down or fail.  Unfortunately, all machines on earth have a lifespan for when they’re at their peak production before you should replace them.  Don’t wait out how long you can make them work because you fear the cost, replace them early, and save yourself the headache.

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