Let’s kick off this article with the two capital rules governing the renting of a storage unit?

Rule 1: Verify the certification of your storage unit

It is important to verify that the container you wish to rent is approved by the CSC (Container Safety Convention). It must be certified by an internationally recognized organization such as Bureau Veritas, to allow its multimodal use (in maritime, road, rail or even air transport).

Compliance with the requirements of the standards is demonstrated by a CSC plate attached to one of the doors of the container. The validity period of this plate is 5 years and can be extended every 30 months.

N:B: If you buy a storage unit for the purpose of storing your business goods or renting it as a storage space, you are not affected by these regulatory constraints.

Rule 2: Check the nature of your property

Before installing your storage unit on your land to make it a storage space, consider checking the nature of your property. Is your land a building land or not?

If your land is not constructible, you must first submit an application for authorization to your town hall! Obtaining this authorization depends on many factors such as the urbanization plan but also the ease of dismantling and transporting the container.

You are finally ready to rent a storage unit. Now let’s talk about the types of storage units to consider. By the way, if you live around Tampa and are interested in finding cheap storage units Tampa then you are in luck.

Types of Containers

II- The maritime container: ideal for storage!

Mobile and economical, the rental of a storage unit is ideal for the safe storage of equipment on sites or for storage in a storage park. The storage containers guarantee a good value for money / security. In addition, the storage container has a long service life thanks to its manufacturing quality.

II- Storage unit of all sizes!

You can find all sizes of storage units, which is very convenient because the unit fits completely to the surface you own. You can find storage units of 6 cubic meters and up to 80 cubic meters! You choose!

The size of the storage unit is very important in terms of profitability. Depending on the size of the unit, the profitability is not the same. Small storage units have a higher profitability due to the high demand for small areas for storage.

III- What container for what price?

This is no breaking msnbc news item because it well known that the unpredictable increases in steel prices do not guarantee a fixed price for long durations. It is therefore generally necessary to ask suppliers for a quote. The prices of the storage unit can therefore be quite variable!

The price of a first-class storage unit with wall of 20 centimeters is charged:

Between 600 and 1000 dollars for a container of 15m3

Between 800 and 2200 dollars for a container of 33 m3

Between 2500 and 3000 dollars for a container of 65 m3

There is a lot more to know about renting storage units for your own use or buying and renting out. You can make your storage unit profitable by renting it to private individuals.

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