Living the frugal life does not mean you have to dumpster dive in order to save a few dollars on the grocery bill. While some people do live like this most expenses can be cut nearly immediately. The most important thing you can do about living in a cost-friendly way is simply about being proactive about saving where you can. The first thing you need to do is identify where you are spending the most money. Then you need to figure out how to cut those costs and completely cut out others.

Cable TV is Gone

The days of needing cable TV are far gone with the advent of streaming becoming so readily available. Most people bundle their cable, internet, and phone but do not realize how large of a chunk of that goes to hundreds of channels you do not watch. Invest in Hulu or Netflix instead of forking over hundreds of dollars for programs that you do not even watch. Most streaming services have an option to watch live sports and basic cable packages generally come with ESPN. The days of needing cable TV are gone especially if you want to start saving extra money.

Car Maintenance

Avoiding huge problems with your car can help you avoid thousands of dollars in repairs. This will take a proactive approach of getting the car tuned up and the brakes changed at the recommended times. Waiting a few extra thousand miles before changing the oil can lead to compounding problems and a possible transmission issue. If your car has been involved in an accident then you should go to a trusted mechanic and auto body shop. If the guys at the shop are asking what is car frame damage? You need to go elsewhere as the car is an investment that will take care of you if you maintain it.

Insurance of All Kinds

Not all insurance companies are created equal and sticking with one company for all forms of insurance might not be the best idea. The best life insurance policies might not line up with the best car insurance policies. An independent insurance agent will be able to offer you a variety of plans from various companies. An agent working for a large insurance company will be bound to using only their plans which will not always give you the best deal. Revisit a few of your insurance policies to see if there are any great cheaper options as well as if you can reduce coverage as you simply might not need your current coverage.

Cut Down On Entertainment Costs

The amount of money that is spent going out to lunch or dinner every day or multiple days a week can save by eat in is absurd. Those people who like to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their dinner are usually paying huge upcharges. It is more than possible to create a date night that does not require anything but groceries. You can even have a picnic in a park or go down to a lake/beach for a nice dinner on the water. Plenty of large cities have events like movies in the park for free so take advantage of as many of these as possible. If you simply have to go out try to go out on nights where there are specials. Wing Wednesday and taco Tuesday are two popular specials that go on around the country.

Saving money does not mean you are going to have to sit in a dark room with poor tasting food. Eliminate the costs where you can without significantly impacting your lifestyle. Your quality of life will increase and your stress levels will decrease especially if you are more financially secure than you were even 6 months ago.


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