According to the Credit Suisse’s 2018 Global Wealth Report, the US takes third place in the rank of the richest countries. However, when you have to look at how much wealth the average American has in his household, then the US does not make it into the top 10. This research truly shows just how bad the wealth disparity is in the US. Unlike most of the other countries in the world, the US is home to most of the wealthiest people in the world.

1. America lost a huge chunk of their wealth to housing

The household wealth of Canadians cannot be compared to that of Americans. That is pretty obvious for most people. Between 2007 and 2010, most American families lost up to 40% of their median net worth because of the collapse in housing prices. Canada did not suffer the same problems. In Canada, their real estate business is worth over $140,000 more than that held by the Americans. They also have twice as much real estate with increased equity. With these in mind, whether the US is truly richer than Canada depends on how you look at it. When you are looking for someone to write your essay for you and are thinking, “Can I pay someone to write my essay?” you need to think about the wealth disparity between these two countries. Is Canada’s economy better than the US? Are there more rich students in the Canada education system? This article will tell you everything you need to know when comparing learners in Canada and US.

Other than that, Americans also have a much greater number of liquid assets. This is great for students because they do not have to pay as much in rent as they do in America. It allows them to save them money, so they have a little more than American students.

2. The world believes that Canada is awesome

Internationally Canada has an impeccable reputation. If you look at the international survey from 2013, most people believe that it is safer, has better public policies, an efficacy government and other great attributes that make it a great place to live. From this survey, Canada even over-ranked Sweden. People who live in Canada are more satisfied. With an average life satisfaction ranking of 7, Canada gives students better experiences and makes it easier for people from other countries to settle in and feel at home.

3. It is safer

One of the biggest issues that students’ today face is that of security. Since students are working and studying at the same time, they no longer live in school provided hostels. They need to be certain that they are safe in the countries they live in. When compared, middle-class people in American and Canada have completely different lives. People in Canada seem more stable and have more assets. This significantly reduces the rate of crimes in Canada since it is more economically stable and the gap between the rich and the poor is not that broad. Research has shown that Canadians much feel safer walking outside at night than Americans do. Therefore students can get to work and school in time without worrying. Canadians are less likely to get murdered since homicide rates in this country are less than they are in America.

4. Better health care

In Canada, health care systems are much better. The life expectancy is 81 years old which is two years ahead of the life expectancy in the US. This means that when learners get sick, they will get quick access to better and more affordable medical care. They will have a much better chance of getting better without spending too much money on medical bills. Moreover, they can pay online. As a result, when compared to an American student with the same health issue, the Canadian one will pull through without necessarily having to spend too much time and money in hospital bills. In Canada, students are richer because they save much more since the services and products there are not as costly as they are in the US.

5. Better banking systems

The regulations of banks are a great way of making sure that bankers save more money each time. These regulations also provide bankers with much-needed money in cases where there is an emergency. With these lenient banking terms, it is easier for students to save money and make better of their lives. From working, learners can grow their money in these banking institutions and make better lives for themselves once they graduate. The money they save, they can also use to travel and enjoy their young lives before they take up jobs that will shape their careers. These are avenues for growth that have the potential of significantly improving the life of a learner.

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