Many countries across the world offer employment opportunities to expatriates wishing to teach English as a second or third language. However, some are more conducive to work in than others due to several varying factors.

Mexico can be ranked as one of the best nations to teach the English language. There are three main reasons why it is a preferred teaching destination when compared to other countries across the world.

  1. A Bachelor’sDegree is Not a Must

Most nations such as Japan and UAE require expatriates to have a bachelor’s degree for them to be allowed to teach the English language. That is not the case with Mexico.

Having a degree only acts as an added advantage but is not a must for you to qualify as an English teacher in Mexico. Interested expatriates are only required to have a TEFL certification (details here) for them to be eligible for teaching positions in public and private institutions.

Thus, native English speakers without a university degree can easily be employed as English teachers in Mexico unlike in some other countries. This favorable requirement makes English teaching jobs in Mexico more attractive to foreigners proficient in the language.

  1. The Ease of getting a Work Visa

Obtaining a work visa in some countries can be a difficult task for expatriates wishing to work as English tutors. There are always requirements which sometimes make a person ineligible for the visa. An example is China which has a bachelor degree as a minimum requirement for one to get a work visa.

In contrast, it is easy for expatriates to acquire a work visa in Mexico. The visa can be processed after one has accepted a job offer as an English teacher. You are therefore guaranteed of getting a work visa after you have been hired for a teaching position.

Furthermore, you can work using your visit or tourist visa, but the problem is that your contract with the employer might not be legally binding.

It is also worth noting that the work visa allows you to access other services provided by the Mexican government such as healthcare. Thus, the work visa comes with added benefits which make you feel more of a local than a foreigner.

  1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is a factor to consider before taking a job as an English teacher in any country. The cost of living in Mexico, as outlined on this site, is quite low compared with some other nations such as Qatar and UAE which also have English as a second or third language.

The low cost of living can be seen through affordable housing, price of food, and cheap transport. Thus, as a tutor in Mexico, you get to earn and spend less which might not be the case in countries with a high cost of living. You are then able to save more without compromising on your standard of living.

In summary, English teaching jobs in Mexico are more attractive to expatriates compared to that of other nations. This is because a bachelor’s degree is not a must for one to qualify for these positions, it is easy to get a work visa, and the low cost of living makes life more affordable.

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