phone-918633_1280During the 90’s, when the internet was just gaining momentum, the thought of web-based software was ludicrous. Computers were either Windows or Macs and you’d need to install all the software yourself. Updates were rare, slow and even if they did happen, all the patches and re-installs were like pulling teeth.

Fast forward to the present, and things are radically changing. A lot of companies are leveraging the power of the web, particularly cloud computing, and it has given us a glimpse of what the future may be like if all we needed was a device that connected to the internet and everything was waiting for us online.

Web-Based what now?

But what is web-based software anyway? If you use Gmail, Hotmail or Dropbox from a browser, you’re basically using web-based software. Nothing is installed on the PC you’re using. In fact, you can access these services anywhere, using any computer or mobile device. All you need is a browser, an internet connection and you’re good.

There are many advantages to using web-based software and services. Let’s take a stroll through some of them:

  • Office documents stored offline have a notorious tendency to become corrupted and uneditable. Using a web-based word processor such as Google Docs eliminates this threat and ensures that everything you create is saved in the cloud in real time.
  • You don’t really have to be a tech wizard. Updates are automatic, security is robust, everything is backed up in the cloud and you don’t need to install anything. You can focus more on your work and focus less on being the IT guy. Everything is taken care of.
  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues ever again. Web-based software can run on any computer that has internet access and an updated browser. Encryption is standard for web-based applications that are password protected, and you’ll always be using the latest version of the software.
  • Saving nothing on your computer is also safer, because computers can be stolen or hacked into, and if a calamity hits, your hard drive and everything on it will be history. Cloud computing companies have redundant servers in data centers that are protected by 24 hour surveillance and biometric locks, so your data will always be backed up and safe.

Collaboration Made Easy

With web-based software, it’s also easy to share and collaborate on projects. If you have a team, creating a document online and sharing it with your team is easier than getting them all together. Everyone who has a password can gain access to the the file, and everyone else will have an updated copy every single time.

This level of collaboration is simply unheard of when you’re using traditional programs. You’d have to either send the file via email, save it on a CD or USB stick or print it out if you want a colleague to read it or help you with it. Web-based software bridges this gap pretty well, allowing for real time collaboration and faster progress.

A lot of businesses are going web-based, from mom n’ pop restaurants that use POS software that runs in the cloud, to large companies that utilize web-based SAP test management software to help teams of all sizes run quality assurance protocols to get programs to market faster. Speed is of the essence, and web-based software delivers.

It’s time to Jump In

Companies like Google know a thing or two about the web, and they even have Chrome OS to remind us what a powerful and simple solution web-based software can be. Google Chromebooks are super fast and user friendly – if you can use their Chrome browser, you can use their OS. No complicated setup and techie stuff required.

No wonder sales for Chromebooks have skyrocketed. They’re affordable and solid solutions for students and non-technical peeps who want a no-nonsense computer that just connects to the internet, period. No antivirus programs to worry about, no updates to install. Just use it and get on with your day.

What about you? Would you drop your over burdened computer and entrust everything to the cloud?

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