calculator-2620141_640Accountancy can be a great choice of job path, where you can make a good living and also, if you are interested in finance, do some rewarding and engaging work. Becoming a qualified accountant has never been easier thanks to the availability of some great online accounting degree courses, and if you are looking to make this your future career then an online MACC is a great way to do it without having to relocate or get into huge amounts of student debt.

Some people choose accounting as a career, whereas for others, it was kind of clear all along that that is what they should be doing. If you show one or more of these signs, then maybe accountancy is your calling and you should think about starting a masters in accounting right away!

You Think All Your Friends Manage Money Badly

Do you ever look at your friends who are broke at the end of the month and despair? Do you secretly think it is no wonder your friend can’t pay their rent because you remember them blowing all their pay check on a new iPad a few weeks ago? While you may not judge them for it, if you sometimes think your friends need some lessons in budgeting and personal finance then it could be that you would enjoy being an accountant, and helping businesses avoid wasteful expenditure in the same way you might like to help your friends (who may be lost causes!).

You Have at Least Three Finance Apps On Your Phone

There are some great apps out there to help people with personal financial management, and a lot of people use these as helpful tools. However, if you can’t get enough of these apps and look at them all the time, logging what you spend, scanning receipts and matching it all up to your budget, then you may well be an accountant in the making. If you get excited about installing a new financial tool on your phone or tablet and learning how you can use it to manage your money even better, then this is a definite sign accountancy could be a satisfying path for you.

You Know Exactly How Much Is In All Of Your Accounts Right Now

Nervously checking your bank balance online or at an ATM is something you have never experienced. You keep a running total in your head or on one of your apps and know exactly how much money is in your account, and how much you owe on any credit cards, at any given moment in time. You also know how much you can afford to spend on a night out or at the store without checking.

These signs show that you have great sense with money, that you are interested in ways of managing it even more efficiently, and that you like the idea of helping other people or businesses with their own money management. You should definitely consider qualifying as an accountant and making it your career!

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