Social media has definitely become an integral part of marketing and can be extremely effective at increasing web traffic and boosting sales. However, social media, like other forms of marketing, is subject to the fluctuations of society. While it would be nice to set up your social media account for your small business and let it run itself, it requires routine intervention.

That’s why it’s important to stay up to date on the latest social media marketing trends. So here are the trends for the 2018 summer.

Major Event Promotions

As you’ve probably already noticed with the Fourth of July and Memorial Day holidays, there are huge promotions on social media. This presents a great opportunity for your business to piggyback on these event promotions with your own. You can create your own hashtag or use the trending ones on your own posts. For example, if you operate a small business that makes sunglasses then you might use #fourthofjuly on a post of someone wearing your product with fireworks in the background.

24 Hour Content

Many brands are taking advantage of quick disappearing content.  Sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. The posts typically disappear in 24 hours or so and can increase consumer interest in the product or content being promoted. Content is always important to social media marketing. Research has shown that content marketing itself can increase revenue by an estimated 40%. Manipulating how the content is viewed, or for how long, is a great way to peak interest.

Local Promotions

Local SEO has always been an important part of marketing, especially social media marketing. A great way to utilize local marketing is to tie your business into local events. If there is a big festival in your area this month, for example, then you might give out free sunglasses at a booth and post pictures on your social media with a specific hashtag.

Of course, these trends aren’t particularly new to the world of social media marketing, but you will definitely see them this summer. Don’t watch other businesses use these tactics. Utilize these trends to give your small business a marketing edge.

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