Beware the Card Cracking Scam That Makes Victims Accomplices

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Innocence and willful stupidity are two extremely different things. It’s the difference between being young enough not to be able to appreciate the long-term consequences of actions and being old enough to know better yet pretending not to know. If life is hard enough, if personal problems are bad enough, its always easy to see what one wants to see.

Do You Need A Construction Attorney?

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Whether you are a homeowner or own a company, you might need a construction project completed at some point. You will usually enter into a contract prior to the start of construction. You’ll also want the job done correctly and won’t want any payment disputes. This is why you may need legal help. An attorney will be able to review

Paying $130K to Risk Death on Mt. Everest

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Most people take a vacation when they just can’t take it anymore. Sometimes, vacation is a way for people to decompress emotionally from the stresses of work. The idyllic image that comes to the mind for most people when they hear the word, “vacation,” is of someone lounging on a beach with sunglasses. Still, other people see a vacation as

Those $20K Mini-Homes Amazon Sells Have Expensive Add-Ons

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“The devil is in the details,” is a useful saying that most of us tend to ignore until we can’t ignore it anymore. As we get older, we want to believe that we have everything figured out. Or, that personal experience, and the lessons learned from such, trumps using a little common sense every now and then. Sometimes, a gut

People Are Stealing Beehives Because of Almond Trees

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Did you know that honeybees die after stinging you? They can’t retract their stinger, so it basically tears itself apart and disembowels itself after stinging you. Why the pleasant factoid? I know people with side hustles, like brewing craft beers or making their own home apiaries — people who breed their own bees to develop their own brands of honey

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Could You be a Medical Guinea Pig for Quick $?

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I am a coward. Wait. Perhaps I should provide some context in reference to my cowardly act. Recently, I found myself in need of money. I needed like $1,700 quickly. Like most people, I have a mortgage, various insurance payments, food bills, car expenses, and so on. It's amazing how you can get paid, pay a few bills, and then