Should You Manage Medical Debt with Credit Cards? What Patients Need to Know

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In the United States, nearly every medical procedure comes with an associated cost. Even individuals with quality health insurance can still face significant expenses after an accident, extended hospital stay, or intense surgery. Non-emergency expenses can still lead to medical debt, especially for specialized treatments. Unfortunately, these costs lead individuals to go without important medical care. For example, nearly 30%

Spending Downtime This Winter Getting Ready to Tackle Spring Projects

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As much as we love to work in our yards, it's always nice to get a breather from all of the yard work when the weather starts to get colder. While you are relaxing this winter, it's the perfect time to start planning for some outdoor home improvement projects for spring, and maybe even take advantage of some off-season discounts.

Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners to Give Employees

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The holidays are a time for expressing gratitude. People show their family members how much they mean to them. Similarly, small business owners do what they can to express their feelings of thankfulness toward their team members. Small businesses cannot stay afloat without the cooperation of devoted employees who give 100 percent day in and day out. If you're a

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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Your home is a place where you will spend a lot of your time either relaxing, entertaining friends, or eating meals. Since your home is such a big part of your life, you should make it look as nice as possible. One of the best ways that you can make your home look nicer is by getting some great decorations.

Houston Robot Brothel Construction Stalled Due to Moral Outrage and Permitting Problem

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Our neighbors to the North wanted to open an unconventional pleasure parlor in the heart of the South -- but they've been thwarted by moral objections -- and a problem with their permits. KinkySDollS, a Canadian company, announced they'd open their "robot brothel" -- the first in the entire United States -- in Houston, Texas earlier this month. The company

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Life Insurance Without an Exam?

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Have you heard of No-Exam Life Insurance? Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about it or may not know how to get it. This might be why studies show that 38% of people who want life insurance put it off. Sadly, many delay getting life insurance until it’s too late. The question of whether no-exam life insurance is the right

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The Adventurer’s Guide to Traveling the World While Working Remotely

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We live at a turning point in human history. Future historians will likely look back at the current era as a crucial chapter in human history. Just as the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution changed human society for good. So too has the digital revolution. The digital revolution has changed our lives and our culture in countless ways. These ways

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Yes, You Really Do Need To Work On Branding Yourself

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A company's brand is extremely important. A business could have the best product or greatest service in the world, but if they have a negative image associated with their brand, they could end up having serious financial trouble. Branding doesn't just impact organizations, however. Individuals need to have positive brands associated with themselves, as well. Unfortunately, you don't have the

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Lessons Learned from Netflix: How to Deal with a Bad Business Decision

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The story of Netflix is one of hardship, perseverance, and incredible success, all thanks to a brilliant original idea. In short, Netflix is one of the ultimate success stories of our time – and as such, it has a lot to deal aspiring entrepreneurs on how to deal with opportunities and blunders. Embrace Change Netflix has become our go-to entertainment

Answered! 8 FAQs About Online Surveys that Pay You

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Sitting there watching videos on random topics in your free time? How about earning money in your free time by just filling out an online survey? Yes, you can make money just by sharing your valuable insights in the form of online surveys. The concept of paid surveys is gaining popularity with every passing day. There are many good websites

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