Over the years, Amazon Web Services has transformed the market in many ways. While some may complain about the company’s incredible size and some of its business practices, it is hard to deny that they haven’t changed the way the world does business. Here are five different things that Amazon has done that have transformed the world for the better and make online marketing more effective throughout the global economy.

1. Supported the Growth of the Cannabis Market

Amazon shocked many in the industry by coming out in favor of cannabis legalization and, in June 2021, they excluded marijuana from the pre-employment drug-screening program. This move gave the legalization movement some legitimacy, but a deeper look at this market reveals Amazon’s strategy.

The global cannabidiol market was valued at about $2.8 billion in 2020 and, with more and more areas increasing legalization, this growth is likely to skyrocket. Amazon is positioning itself as a potential provider in this market should cannabis become federally legal any time in the next 10 years.

2. Helped Increase Web Security Measures

A few years ago, Amazon experienced the largest ever DDoS attack, one that had a peak traffic volume of 2.3 Tbps or terabytes per second. Without going into what happened too much, Amazon was attacked by a massive hacking movement that attempted to take them offline permanently.

However, Amazon Web Services has a very strong security system, and they somehow held off this attack. As a result, many companies are looking to their skills as a guide for protecting their information. After all, smaller businesses may not have the sources Amazon does to protect themselves.

3. Reshaped Advertising Methods

Amazon has transformed the ways that people advertise online. Old-school ads focused on people’s needs in a rational and reasonable way. However, modern online advertising often uses Amazon links and a myriad of more emotional concepts to appeal to a broader range of people.

For example, a study by the Institution of Practitioners in Advertising found that purely emotional advertising content worked twice as well as rational content. Amazon has taken advantage of this fact to create a multitude of different ads that touch on people’s emotions.

4. Enhanced Keyword Usage

Keyword usage is one of the primary tenants of online advertising methods. Google is a particularly important factor to consider, though Amazon has also become critical. These days, advertising focuses heavily not just on pleasing Google but on getting Amazon products in these searches.

For example, Amazon now forces people to consider things like sales fulfillment, velocity, inventory, pricing, and product ratings before integrating keywords. This strongly affects not only the content but also how it is marketed and written about, creating unique opportunities for many businesses.

5. Introduced the Brand Referral Bonus

Perhaps the biggest thing that Amazon did to transform the online business world was to create the Brand Referral Bonus program. This program rewards sites for referring products and successfully making a sale. As a result, companies now integrate Amazon products in many reviews.

Not only does this mean more review content is being produced, but also that more sites are following this example. As a result, a growing increase in marketing capital has boosted the online content creation market, creating a fascinating potential for creative and innovative advertising methods.

These many enormous changes have made Amazon Web Services a vital player in the online world. Their retail model has not only become the most copied in the world, but their continued innovations have pushed the market in many places. While there are many things that Amazon does that deserve criticism, their intensive presence and continued employment of so many people is important to consider before condemning them.

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