How To Record IRA Contributions in Quickbooks

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Unlike a 401(k), you or your financial advisor is responsible for closely minding your IRA. A 401(k) is offered by an employer and you will have help from many sources to help manage it. You have to open an IRA at a bank or similar financial institution. And one way you can make the process of managing an IRA easier

3 Ideal Ways To Make Money Online

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From online betting odds on popular sportsbooks to babysitting and surrogate shopping, there is a multitude of ways to get rich quickly. But do all of them work equally well? Probably not! In fact, the truth is that whether or not they work efficiently, you will make more money from your 9 to 5 job. Or, at least with it,

How to Avoid Paying Full Price Ever Again

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There are some things that most people will try to save money on. When we’re looking to refuel our cars, we’ll head to the gas station with the lowest prices; when we’re at the grocery store, we’ll use coupons to knock a few bucks off the bill; and when we’re buying a new home, we’ll try to negotiate with the seller to get them to accept a price below what they were asking for.

How Taking Care of Yourself Will Save You Money

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When thinking about personal finance, the first things that come to mind might be the general costs associated with living, such as the home, car, and bills. But there is one often overlooked area of personal finance that can help save you money, your health. It may seem like an area that would not impact your finances that drastically, but taking care of your health prevents unexpected costs. You also have to consider the costs that come with your health, insurance, co-pays, and prescriptions can all add up over time. The benefits of taking care of your health don’t stop with the dollar, you’ll also live longer and feel healthier while doing so.

Is Verbal Assault a Crime?

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In life, you will never regret your silence. Choose your words and tone of voice carefully when you speak to people. There are things you can never unsay. And while some people may forgive a verbal assault, they will never forget it. And in some states, the law will never forgive or forget a verbal or digital threat of violence.

How Many Hours Do Millionaires Work?

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  Everyone wants to be a millionaire without truly appreciating what it takes to become one. More than "want," you need discipline, knowledge, hard work, and strategy to reach this status. Over 67 percent of millionaires are self-made successes and about 11 percent inherited their wealth. If you are wondering how many hours do millionaires work, it may be more