What You Need to Know to Save Money on Your Car

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Having a car is a necessity for most people. It allows you to get to work, pick up your kids from school, and run your errands on the weekends. It seems great-until you add up the costs associated with having one. Like most people, you are likely incurring expenses related to: Insurance Gas Repairs Oil changes And there may be

How to stay within your budget this holiday season

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The Christmas season is here, a season that is highly characterized by shopping for gifts. Due to the large number of items being added into homes this season, some families find themselves leasing public storage in order to get additional space. However, holidays seasons don’t always have to make you exceed your budgets because there are simple things you can

How Can I Protect My Finances If A Contractor Gets Hurt At My Home?

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For millions of Americans, owning a home is the American Dream, and moving into your first home can feel like a major financial victory. Unfortunately, while real estate can be a huge asset, it can also be a huge liability. Let's say you hired a contractor to build a deck on the back of your home. Everything is going well

Personal Finance Tips for Single Parents

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As a single parent, you are fully responsible for all of the financial issues and decisions that occur in your household. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are always going everything right. There are multiple tips from finance experts, such as Don Gayhardt, that may be helpful to aid in ensuring that your money is well-managed

Common Questions About a 401K Plan

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There are plenty of retirement plan options out there, but you need to educate yourself about all the particulars. There is nothing more sad than a retirement plan that is not maxed to its potential, left by a neglectful cubicle worker to wither and not fund a healthy retirement. That is a very sad development. That means that you have

Do You Really Want To Work Overtime?

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Work overtime and you quickly discover it’s a mixed bag: You earn time-and-a-half or more, but it usually means you’re putting in more time or otherwise inconveniencing yourself, which puts you at risk of burning out.  

How to build a business after a military career

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Leaving the world of military service to re-enter civilian life can be one of the most challenging missions you've ever faced. Whatever branch of the service you were in, your experience and training will have changed you as a person, while meanwhile the regular world has moved on, and not in the same direction. Put simply, you've grown and adapted

Top Tips to Boost Your Finances This Christmas

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Christmas comes with its own perks and woes. Although it is time to be merry with family and friends, it is common to be left with dents in the pockets by the time it comes to an end. If this season always leaves you feeling like you spent more money without leaving you relaxed, it is high time you redefined

How You Can Save Money on Your Bills with Billsnip

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With the cost of expenses always going up every year, saving money on your utility bills has never been more important. It doesn't mean that you have to go to extremes just to cut down your bills - there is a way to keep your rates under control and increase your savings. Is it possible to make a simple change

Accepting Credit Card Payments: How It Can Boost Your Small Business

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Credit and debit cards are more in the spotlight now than cash. With just a swipe or tap, you can buy anything from a cup of coffee to major appliance purchases in one go. Technology is making it easier for any type of business to manage and accept credit card transactions, however, not all small businesses are accepting credit card