How to Sell a Rental Property

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In today’s rapidly changing real estate market, properties are selling fast and prices are still increasing in virtually every region of the country. If you’re a real estate investor wanting to learn more about getting rid of one of your rental properties in this sellers’ market, we’ll show you how to sell it in a good manner.

How to Set Up a Home Gym on a Budget

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A home gym is a great way to save on fitness memberships and commute costs. Of course, setting up a home gym that rivals your fitness center might seem financially daunting. The good news is that you don't need to break the bank to set up a great home gym. Use Peel-and-Stick Mirrors to Create a Mirror Wall Peel-and-stick mirrors

Is your bank account serving you?

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So many people have a bank account that isn’t working in their best interests. If you haven’t reassessed your provider in the past few years, chances are you’re one of them. There are so many different types of accounts on the market these days that switching regularly can really benefit your finances. Whether you’re trying to save for a short-term expense or invest in your future, the right bank account can help you towards your goals. Before switching to any provider, make sure you check out a chime review or two to see what people have been saying.

What Happens When a Forgotten Debt Comes Back to Life?

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When I was in my late 20s, I had just gotten married and rented a small studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I had grown up in the South Bronx all of my life until that point in an apartment. I had never had to worry about gas meters, electric bills, forced recycling, or other utilities before, let alone rent.

A 5-Item Checklist To Spot Counterfeit Gold Coins From Real Ones

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Investing in gold coins is a good idea as it can offer myriads of benefits. For one, gold coins don’t lose their sheen even after several years. What’s more, the market keeps on rising despite the coins’ age. Compared to other tangible assets that are subject to loss or deterioration, their demand and value increases over time. 

How You Can Pick the Best Broker For You

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So, you finally are making some good money. You know, the type of money that allows for you to: save, spend, and invest. Maybe even travel on your terms.