Somebody Say Hallelujah! Top 9 Powerful Reasons to Go to Church Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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The Church is the center of everything for believers like us. It is how we show our to God how much we worship him. It is not only our sacred enclave but it is God’s body as well. According to Hebrews 10:25, you should never give up on meeting and communing together. In fact, the Scriptures instruct people to encourage

7 Surprising Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading

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According to a recent study, the psychic industry is worth more than $2 billion. This signals the growing popularity of the industry, despite the stigma linked to seeking psychic services. But it’s quite reasonable why most people tend to be skeptical about psychic reading, given the high number of scams reported. Besides, who needs a psychic to help them make life decisions when you got friends and family?

Don’t Forget These Steps When You Move Houses

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Moving can be incredibly expensive, but it’s a cost many people run into several times over their life. In fact, the average American moves about 12 times in their life. If you’ve been renting most of your life, buying your first house comes with many steps you might not know you need to take. Don’t forget these steps when you move to a house for the first time. Check On Your Insurance While you might have had renter’s insurance before, you might not have a homeowner’s insurance plan in place if this is your first house. 93% of American homeowners have at least basic homeowners insurance, and it’s important to have at least a basic level of coverage for your first home. This will protect you against certain expensive problems that can come up in owning a home.

Should You Go Back to College? Here Is How Your Lifestyle Could Change

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In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks. Smart Young People Study at the College. An astonishing 60% of adults without a degree have considered going back to college and 13.3 million have actually taken the leap. However, the high costs associated with college and the thought of taking on student loan

Getting That Bread: What Is a Pay Stub and What’s On It?

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Do you know where your money is going? If your employer isn't providing you a pay stub, then you might be missing out on vital information. There isn't a federal law requiring a stub be issued, but most states have laws that require it. If you aren't getting one and need to know what a pay stub is, you've come

Should I Live in or Rent my new Investment Property?

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If you are planning to move in the near future, there is always a primary decision to make whether you will be opting to rent out a place or buy a new property that you will live in indefinitely. Best case scenario, you already own an investment property but you are still unsure if it would be a good idea to live in it or rather rent it out.