What is my credit score (and does it really matter)?

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Many people have no idea what their credit score is. However, this can be dangerous as it is used in a number of different scenarios. When you find yourself asking, “what is my credit score,” it’s important to know how to get it. More importantly, you’ll know why you should know your score.

4 habits of successful business owners 

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You can learn a lot from successful business owners. From Bill Gates to Cher Wang to Mark Zuckerberg, the top figures in business have certain ways of doing things. To be successful in such a competitive world, you need to know how to get ahead.

Things to do in Montgomery, Alabama 

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Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and a stop worth adding to your USA itinerary. From art to baseball and everything in between, Montgomery is guaranteed to provide you with a memorable vacation experience.

Beware the Card Cracking Scam That Makes Victims Accomplices

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If you have ever heard about the card cracking scam, it might have been through a spectacular news story. For example, an aspiring New York City rap artist named Young Ash assembled a crew that stole over $50,000 in a massive card cracking scam. While you may not be shocked to hear that hardened street criminals are committing crimes, you

5 Fun Fall Activities that Won’t Break Your Budget in 2020

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The spookiest time of the year has arrived and many of us are looking for fun fall activities that are safe and social-distancing-friendly. While you might not be able to go to a classic haunted house this year or hand out candy on Halloween, there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate the season. If you're looking for autumn

What Are the Levels of Wealth?

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Money is a tool. You must always remember that rule if you want to achieve financial independence. And to achieve financial independence, you must climb the levels of wealth. There are five levels of wealth and it could take years for you to achieve your goals. The 5 Levels of Wealth The 5 levels of wealth include: Financial Stability Financial