This State Accidentally Issued Double Tax Refunds to 66,000 People

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About 15 years ago, when I worked in academia, the payroll office accidentally double deposited my regular paycheck. For a reason that I still don’t understand to this day. I remember standing at the ATM, like a character in one of those bad independent films, trying to understand the meaning of it all. “What should I do?” I thought to

4 female fashion trends to watch for in 2019

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As the saying from a popular fashion TV show once highlighted, "one day you're in, the next you're out". In short, it refers to the changing nature of fashion trends, and suffice to say, there are plenty to look out for in 2019. Of course, for the purposes of staying to the length of a blog post rather than a

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury NYC Lawyer?

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Many times after people get involved in serious accidents or traumatic events, the thought of your insurance firm acting towards your most exceptional interests comes. Unfortunately, it is not all the time true as the companies often think through their bottom lines before considering your injuries. But with the help of an experienced Personal Injury NYC attorney, you will have no worries of any shortchanges. Below are some of the reasons you need to consult or turn to after an accident.

Forex is not so hard to deal with for the novice traders

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A proper trading performance is all about making some good management of the trading edge. All of the traders will have to make one for their business and try not to screw things up. It is very easy for novice traders to do as they have a lot of interest in making money. They try with risking too much. Then

The Importance of Making a Well-Informed Decision When Choosing Your Homeowners Insurance – and Potential Losses If You Don’t

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Choosing the right homeowners insurance is such an important process. If you select the wrong type of insurance or let your coverage lapse, you’re running the risk of catastrophic loss. With 60% of all U.S. homes underinsured by a whopping 20%, making a well-informed decision when shopping around for coverage is pivotal. Policies For High-Risk Zones If you’re living in

Why Canadian Students Are Richer Then American

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According to the Credit Suisse’s 2018 Global Wealth Report, the US takes third place in the rank of the richest countries. However, when you have to look at how much wealth the average American has in his household, then the US does not make it into the top 10. This research truly shows just how bad the wealth disparity is